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If you've followed me here from my other blog, welcome! If you're totally new to me and my writing, a very big welcome! Thank you all for finding my new home on the internet.

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Aside from being a part-time blog writer, I'm a trained actor and voice over artist, who is always happy to find new work.

You can find my profile on AXS or listen to my showreel on Soundcloud.

I also use my writing talent and professional skills for CV editing and formatting. If you'd like your CV polished up by a professional before you start your job hunt, you can contact me on Fiverr, where I post all the current gigs that I'm available for. 

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Welcome to Love Life Lexi!

I'm your host and writer, Alex, but some people like to call me Lexi.

This is my lifestyle blog, where I write about my varied lifestyle passions; from to sci-fi conventions to lipstick. I like to call it my one wild and precious life.

I'm a Yorkshire gal in exile in London, a self-confessed diet school drop-out. I love peanut butter, the International Space Station (yes, really) and I'm a trained actor and voice-over artist.

Speaking of my passions, here they are in no particular order. All the titles are tags, please click on them to be taken directly to the content they relate to. 


I'm a self-confessed nerd who loves geek culture. I love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, The X-Files and Twin Peaks, to name just a few. I frequent conventions, welcome any excuse to cosplay and possess a lot of photos of me grinning awkwardly next to celebrities.


My first blog was a dedicated food and fitness blog which spanned 3.5 years of my life.  I'm qualified in Diet & Nutrition, and as much as I'm still interested in healthy living, I try to be more mindful and balanced about it these days. I write a lot about ditching the diet mentality, I'm a body positive activist, encourage the Health at Every Size movement and believe everyone needs to practice more self-love. We get one life on this earth, you guys, you might as well do it happily as opposed to shitting yourself over eating a chocolate bar yesterday. 


Being the girl in the big city from the small town, I love London, it's my home. I love running around being a tourist and I love being social in my city (and even other ones!) so I will give the odd place or event a review. Mostly I'll just be telling you places I've been and who I've seen under this tag.


Aside from it being a great song by the Tom Tom Club, this is my tag for all other wordy posts. Usually covering anything - from feminism to politics.


I'm a (lapsed) YouTube beauty blogger and I'm still very much a make-up lover.  Most posts will be reviews of things I've purchased (or I will clearly state if it's an item I've been sent). I'm dangerously addicted to heavy eyeliner and bright lipstick.


This is my end of month tag, where I round up the things I've done over the previous month, link to anything that might be of interest and drop big hints about what's coming up next (if I know!)


... and that's all of me. 

Welcome to my one wild and precious life.


Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Alex Marshall and Love Life Lexi with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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Want to say HELLO? 
(please do so!)

If you'd like to contact me, you can use these social media links:

or you can drop me a line at: 

FAO PR COMPANIES: I offer my writing and voice-over services on a freelance basis. You can find more information on my Freelance page.

Paid reviews, sponsorships or guest posts are no longer accepted on this blog.

And finally ... 

I'm an Amazon Affiliate, so if you want to read some of the books I talk about, get an Audible subscription (and a free book to start with!) and kick a few pennies back to me to keep my content going, please click this link before you start shopping (this links to one of my favourite audio books, if you've not heard it, give it a try!)

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