Something Old, Something New


If you've followed me here from my other blog, welcome! If you're totally new to me and my writing, a very big welcome! Thank you all for finding my new home on the internet.

This blog is a little change of direction for me, well, more a skippy side-step. I wanted to fill out my writing repertoire with a little more content and a have a little less focus on just food and fitness (because y'know, life is about so much more than just that!). I will still talk about food and fitness (and you can still read my other blog - it's still out there in cyberspace) but I'm bringing all aspects of my life on this new adventure.

I've called this a Lovin' Life (style) Blog as I want it to be just that; a blog about loving life my way, my lifestyle - a bit of everything thrown in for good measure and balance. I'm all about balancing acts, dealing with whatever the Universe throws my way and embracing everything that life has to offer.

It's all very much a work in progress right now, but things will start to take shape soon. Stay with me!

Read. Enjoy. Live. Love.

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1 comment:

  1. Love love love the new blog! Look forward to following along <3