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Confessions of a Binge Shopper

I noticed a pattern in my behaviour recently, I'm a seasonal shopaholic. I can go ages without buying a thing and then as soon as a new season is looming I write a list of all the things I want to buy and hit the shops.

Don't get me wrong, I do shop between these, what I can only describe as, 'retail binges', I'm a huge fan of charity shops - especially since a friend introduced me to the ones in Chiswick. Bargain of the decade was found in one of the shops there recently: 

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Music Gets the Best of Me

Listening to music has been top of my favourite things to since, well, forever. Blame my mother for this who spent years singing songs by The Beatles at me, inflicting Barry Manilow, Boney M and ABBA albums (yes, vinyl - remember that?) on me (I'm giving my age away, aren't I?). Aside from a parental influence, my two elder brothers also had a big impact, as they were always playing music in the house and therefore I picked up their tastes too. My eldest brother is solely responsible for my Madonna obsession; I can still see myself tearing around the house aged six and singing 'Material Girl' at the top of my lungs. Even now I still like to spend my evenings laying on my bed, earphones in, listening to my Spotify playlists - teenage Alex will never die!

Last weekend I indulged my love for music further by going to Radio 2 in Hyde Park.

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The Men Who Made Us Empty Our Wallets

Over the last month there's a been a two-sided documentary series running on the BBC called The Men Who Made Us Fat / The Men Who Made Us Thin. One looks at how our eating habits are influenced by corporations and health guidelines and the latter looks at the diet industry itself; it's creation and the products available to us. 

It's the latter one which has sparked my interest the most, obviously due to my interest in the subject as a consumer, a former Weight Watchers member and as someone recently qualified in diet & nutrition; I've done a million diets, my friends have, my family have - it's a constant conversation topic when you put a group of women together  - it's like a national obsession.

So, what have I learned from watching this show? The main thing that blew my mind was that the weight guidelines on the BMI chart can be described as great works of fiction - and that's me being polite, I could use many, many expletives to discuss this.

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The Great British Beer Festival

I'm not much of a festival girl, primarily because it involves camping. Camping would be fine it involved a memory foam mattress, an en-suite bathroom, free wi-fi and room service - do you see where I'm at?

However, there is one festival I am a very active participant in - beer festivals, primarily the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival which is held in London every August. 

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