Music Gets the Best of Me

Listening to music has been top of my favourite things to since, well, forever. Blame my mother for this who spent years singing songs by The Beatles at me, inflicting Barry Manilow, Boney M and ABBA albums (yes, vinyl - remember that?) on me (I'm giving my age away, aren't I?). Aside from a parental influence, my two elder brothers also had a big impact, as they were always playing music in the house and therefore I picked up their tastes too. My eldest brother is solely responsible for my Madonna obsession; I can still see myself tearing around the house aged six and singing 'Material Girl' at the top of my lungs. Even now I still like to spend my evenings laying on my bed, earphones in, listening to my Spotify playlists - teenage Alex will never die!

Last weekend I indulged my love for music further by going to Radio 2 in Hyde Park.

It's like a festival in a day - loads of bands, lots of bars, everyone sets up with blankets and foodie treats and has a jolly day out. It was an especially British day out as we all got rained on twice, but it dampened no spirits! 

I didn't see the full line up on the main stage, I kind of dropped in and out. I did enjoy Simple Minds and Jamie Cullum, I loved Texas and Josh Groban (albeit not as much as my friend Emma did):

and James Blunt was my surprise for the day, he sounded incredible live and he finished his set by crowd surfing. What a legend.


The last thing I did was skip to the BBC Introducing stage, a stage solely for unsigned acts to perform, and headlining this year was Emma Stevens, whose music I only discovered in August and I can't stop playing it!

She was wonderful, and she even stayed to talk to people afterwards, I love it when artists do that! 

It was the day that I realised that summer was officially over though, when I was on the way home I glanced out of the tube window as it came out of the underground section and it was dark outside at 8.15pm! I felt a bit sad but so happy that I'd ended my summer with this mini-festival as it felt like a perfect day out.

As I've said before, I'm really not a festival girl at all - but this one was so well organised and easy to deal with that I would love to go again. It so relaxed, everyone just chilled out in their own little spot enjoying the music or dancing away, or you could easily just walk almost right up to the front of stage to see the acts close up. Brilliant. 

And hey, I even got a little sunburn on my face. Yes in September, in London, in the rain. Could I be more English?!

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