Dairy-Free Dalliances

Readers that have hopped over here from my Food & Fitness blog will be aware of my strange body and all it's little idiosyncrasies; top of the list being my allergy to dairy which appeared a few years back after a particularly vicious strain of viral gastroenteritis (yes really, the body does some odd things when in recovery from a virus, mine chose to no longer allow my stomach lining to deal with dairy proteins. Excellent.).

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October Beauty Round Up

There's a new video up on my YouTube channel today, a few new products and some repurchases this month.

Kinda shocked that we're almost done with October already!

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DIY or die

I've tasked myself with a project for autumn and winter 2013  - to make my living space a more calm place than it currently is.

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London is filled with museums and galleries, half of which I've never been to, but there's one that I was so excited to go to because ... I'm a total nerd.

Beautiful Baker Street Station tiles
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Making a Habit

I've had two months off the gym. My membership fee has effectively been money given away. I'm thankful for cheap gym memberships, though I do realise that this is how budget gyms make their money - from lazy beasts like myself that think 'it's hardly bank breaking, what's a little time off at £16 per month?' - I was far more motivated when I went to an expensive gym, that's for sure ...

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