Making a Habit

I've had two months off the gym. My membership fee has effectively been money given away. I'm thankful for cheap gym memberships, though I do realise that this is how budget gyms make their money - from lazy beasts like myself that think 'it's hardly bank breaking, what's a little time off at £16 per month?' - I was far more motivated when I went to an expensive gym, that's for sure ...

So yes, two months off. August I wrote off due to having a social life 'it's summer, I'll have the whole of autumn and winter to workout, I'll appreciate the escape from the gloomy dark evenings!' etc etc), such lines of defence have fallen flat on their backsides during September as I have had no excuses whatsoever. None. I am just lazy; a creature of habit and sadly I've settled into the habit of not going to the gym.

For a while it's a lovely habit to settle in to. It's relaxing, freeing, rebellious. It's also come hand-in-hand with my whole body confidence thing; I think I look great just as I am, why do I need to go to gym?

I do need to go to the gym. As I've explained to my friends, I'm someone with a very soft, feminine shape. I have firm bits and smooshy bits, sadly I've noticed the smooshy bits are outnumbering the firm bits, or they're no longer in my designated smooshy bit areas, so that means I need to put down the chocolate digestives, get off the sofa and make the gym my weekend habit again. 

Thankfully my subconscious always comes to my rescue. One day I felt it. The pang. I want to say it's a guilt pang, but it's not. It's gym desire. The desire comes back and you want to go to the gym. I want to go to the gym! Quick, get in there before I scare it off and change my mind! The hardest thing is getting to that point though. Going to the gym has felt like such an exhausting concept for the last few weeks and then last week the switch just flipped and I was ready to go back. I went back in during a safe time, when the place is quiet. If I went on an evening after work I would probably turn on my heels and go straight home (the place is jam-packed at 6pm - 8pm every weekday evening, it's horrific). I like to go to my gym on a Saturday, late morning / lunchtime when I don't have to fight through the boys to get to the weights section.

It's amazing how your body forgets what it's like to pushed hard, but at the same time it's amazing how much strength your body retains. I eased myself back in gently; avoided certain things, fewer reps of others, made sure to have a really thorough stretch at the end and yes, I was still in DOMS agony the next day but it could have been so much worse. I get a bit of a perverse kick out of DOMS anyway, I feel it's pain that has been earned, so I don't mind it as much (someone remind me that I just typed that when I'm sat on my foam roller crying next Sunday afternoon in glutes agony). 

One thing is guaranteed after that back-to-it workout, you feel brilliant afterwards, I'd go as far to say that I felt like a total badass, which is enough motivation to keep me going back each weekend for more.

Afterwards I needed some fuel. One of my Twitter friends made the suggestion this week of eggs & oats; so when I was making porridge I cracked an egg in. This was going to be a) an unmitigated disaster or b) a delicious bowl of food.


It was option b)

You have to stir like mad when cooking oats on the stove top anyway, but with a egg in the mix you really have to, otherwise you will end up with porridge scrambled egg. I added some mixed spice, blueberries, blackberries and maple syrup just before it finished cooking.

It tastes something between porridge, french toast and custard. Whatever, right? Those three things are all delicious, so no complaints from me! It's a nice way to get an extra hit of protein and calcium in your porridge too (especially if like me, you're allergic to dairy and use nut milks for things like this). I think this will become my traditional post-workout feed.

That said, I did discover that the shop below my gym sells pierogi, I looooooove pierogi, but I feel like dumplings are not the best thing to throw myself into after a workout, this may change as the weeks go by and the temperature drops!
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