London is filled with museums and galleries, half of which I've never been to, but there's one that I was so excited to go to because ... I'm a total nerd.

Beautiful Baker Street Station tiles

221B Baker Street is where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson lived, according to the stories penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle between 1881 -1904. The address has been converted into The Sherlock Holmes Museum and the house has been protected due to special architectural and historical interest.

It is like stepping into one of the books when you walk into the house. It's a lovely little Victorian house, spread over a few floors (the layout is very similar to my own house, it felt a bit surreal!), it smells like I imagine a Victorian house would so it's a very evocative sensation from the moment you walk in.

On the first floor you're greeted by Sherlock's room; disguises laid out on the bed, a book of beekeeping open next to it:

Onwards to the study, which is just as you would imagine it to be, I was honestly waiting (hoping?) for Jeremy Brett to materialise in front of my eyes).

On the next floor up, Watson's room, which is such a contrast after the study. It's so neat, tidy and methodical, such a military man. I was very taken with this room, John was my kinda man!

The rest of the house is filled with props from the various stories , Mrs. Hudson's room, a guest book (which was full, so I couldn't sign it) but look how far people travel to visit NW1!

It's ever such a strange feeling, after all this place never existed, and yet here it is. Alive from imagination and story telling, I didn't feel for a second that I was in a fictional place, it felt so real to me. I had a little moment when I was standing in the study, looking out over Baker Street and hearing lines from the stories in my head, I said (out loud to the entire room of Japanese tourists) 'don't you just wish you lived here?'

Final stop has to be the gift shop; which is full of deerstalkers, top and bowler hats, books, magnifying glasses and pipes. I love a good pin or button badge, so this was my purchase:

In residence on my tweed blazer. Perfection.

You'll be in and out of the whole house within an hour, it's not huge, but it's incredibly detailed and a must for any Sherlock Holmes fan.

It's £8 a ticket, and I would happy go back. Or move in. Whatever.

(If you want a really good laugh, go look at the reviews of this place on TripAdvisor and giggle at those who are shocked that this place isn't Disneyland - not even exaggerating, go look! It's hilarious.)
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  1. This looks great. I definitely want to go :) xxx