Celebrating My Doctor

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm dangerously obsessed with Doctor Who.

November sent me (and many Whovians around the world) into a total frenzy as it was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who being broadcast on the BBC. This brought with it lots of amazing specials on the tv, waaaay too much merchandise (I did need a new calendar for the office to record staff holiday on, so it kinda made sense to buy one) and the opportunity to really indulge and get your geek on.

I started gently. I bought cookie cutters and chocolate moulds from Lakeland in the summer, thinking that Doctor Who baking would be a brilliant idea! No one in my office gives a toss about Doctor Who, but I figured if I made them jazzy cupcakes they might take a little more interest or at the very least humour me and my dedication to my fandom a little more.

I had Union Flag cupcake cases left over from the Jubilee (any excuse to bake, right?) and as Doctor Who is a GB creation I thought they'd be a good  use. I made dairy-free chocolate cupcakes, iced with fondant icing and a themed dark chocolate. 

I decided to really geek it up and make myself a cosplay outfit. Unfamiliar with this concept? Costume play, dress up, pretending to be your favourite character, unleashing my inner unemployed actress. After having a big discussion about Doctor Who cosplay with a friend during the summer and I knew exactly who I wanted to dress up as; every Time Lords favourite wife - River Song.

And I knew which outfit I wanted: 
All I had to do now was knock something together!

The dress and belt worn in the show were from All Saints, they're no longer stocked (or made) and I saw eBay bids for the dress going for as much as £300. HELL NO. I will improvise. I bought a white dress in a style blatently stolen from the All Saints pattern and dyed it. The Anina dress looks different colours in every shot - grey, green, khaki, whatever- I just chose a colour that would suit my skin tone and went with it (olive green was my dye of choice).

From white to green

the All Saints dress and my own version of it
Then I had to belt hunt. Here eBay really came in handy as I found these two for less than £10. 

Then I needed some big old boots. Thankfully, this is something I already have in my wardrobe in various colours!

Then I needed something really character specific. I didn't want to use my River Song sonic screwdriver as that's not appropriate for this version of River (she was still a Doctor in The Day of the Moon, not the Professor who we saw weilding the sonic in the Silence in the Library) so I decided to use of my diary which I got custom made last Christmas. 

Then I made my hair mad and wavy (as I'll never be able to achieve Alex Kingston levels of curls) and I was good to go!

Hello Sweetie

Pretty pleased with my efforts to be honest. I've used this as my trial run for the London Film and Comicon next summer; going to Comicon in costume is on my bucket list for 2014, so now it looks like I'm totally ready for it.

Aside from watching the amazing anniversary episode (how much do we all want more John Hurt as The Doctor in our lives now? He was incredible!), in my house we also had Timey-Wimey cocktails (gin, blue curacao and lemonade), my Husband bought me an amazing book and  Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit arrived too!

The other thing that I noticed was the way that fandom can bring people together. I talked about Who on Twitter a lot on the week leading up to the 50th and gained a lot of new followers. I started chatting to most of them, and they chatted back, all of which were so nice and friendly and two people (both of which I have never actually spoke to) offered me tickets to Who events that they were going to. It made me think that this fandom might be one of the loveliest ones in existence and that sharing a passion, any passion, is a wonderful thing to do as it allows you to meet (virtually or in real life) people who share your love and enthusiasm and want to talk to you about it, engage in discussions with it and share the fun with you. This year I have met some truly amazing people thanks to Doctor Who, so in my own way I was celebrating that this weekend too.

It was a brilliant, nerdy and exciting day. I hope all my fellow Whovians enjoyed the celebrations as much as I did.

Couldn't resist a Fourth scarf selfie. :)

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