Two-Bedroomed Paradise

Project DIY or Die is going well.

Now that my kitchen is in a better order (see my last post on this topic) my next task is to do a bit of a paint refresh. Go back to the end of 2012, the day before New Years Eve in fact, my carbon monoxide alarm went off, my boiler got condemned after poisoning us, and we had to get through the first week and a half of January with no heat or hot water (yes, it was as much fun as it sounds, that said it is preferential to being dead - get a carbon monoxide alarm, folks!)

Ripping out an old boiler and replacing it with a new one meant destroying my beautiful yellow paintwork, my ceiling was full of soot from the leak too, so I was advised to give the plaster 6 months to dry out thoroughly and then paint over it.

Did you know there's a Crown Paints colour match app? There is, and it works. It's not perfect, I got two recommendations and bought samples, but one of them was bang on the money.

After a primer layer (as it's plaster) and a splash of yellow - ta-dah! Black ceiling be gone!

I've been adding little things here and there to make the place nicer. Isn't it funny that a few small things can make such a big difference?

Witness the arrival of twinkly lights in my bedroom! I love it when there's twinkly lights up and it's not Christmas, now I get to see them every day.

Earlier this year I become obsessed with bedding. Notably the bedding that they have in Hilton hotels. I've slept in Hilton's twice this year and their bedding is just amazing. I imagine it's the closest I'm ever going to get to feeling smooshed up in a packet of marshmallows. So after a bit of research (searching for the tags on a duvet at a hotel and googling it) I found the bedding.

And it's extortionately priced. At £300 for a duvet and two pillows. O_o

So I waited, patiently waited and when I was starting my DIY or Die project I searched for it again ... and  found it at less than a third of the original price. WOOHOO! Marshmallow bedding is MINE!

I've also created the Shelf of Geek. There's an empty shelf over the downstairs stairwell which leads to the front door and instead of leaving it empty I decided to fill it with Doctor Who stuff - so I have something fun to look at every day when I leave the house when I do to work!

Yep, a Dalek containing my Doctor Who Uno card game and my Titan figures. Disappointingly my TARDIS money box (a gift from an old work colleague) is too big to fit on the shelf! I need to buy a smaller one to make my display complete. Every time I leave the house now I have to fight the urge to say 'give thanks to the household gods' like they do in The Fires of Pompeii.

Can't hide my nerdy side now, can I? It's out for all to see and it makes my home prettier and me a lot happier.

Next - taking the living room. That will not be fun but dammit, I want my desk back.
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