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Project Hair

2013 was the year I started project hair. I got my last haircut at the end of January 2013 and since then - nothing. I've been growing it ever since. And yes, it's felt like a long hair year! 

I started wearing my hair short right after I got married in September 2010. I fancied a really big change and I'd been trying to grow my hair FOREVER for my wedding. By the time the wedding was approaching I gave up, got my shoulder length hair trimmed and arranged to have hair extensions clipped in for the big day - it was just easier.

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December (So Far)

I can only apologise for such half-arsed blog writing this month, December has proven to be exactly like the rest of 2013 and been non-stop for me, I don't think I've looked forward to my Christmas break so much in years, I will definitely need the rest! 

Luckily, I take lots of photos, so I can give you visual guide to the first half of my December and it also serves as a good memory aid for me! 

After having a very busy couple of weeks at work (which has been mentally exhausting) we had our Christmas night out, which was at Simon Drake's House of Magic, at a secret location in South London! 

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November was #OperationGoddess month. The month to get my body, mind and spirit ready for the winter months, get myself into tip-top condition and make myself feel like a total goddess once again (hence the hashtag).

My skin was dreadful in October, I mean really bad, teenage years bad. Some of it was dairy (as I was still testing my Russian Roulette elimination diet and eating gelato for lunch daily in Florence) some of it was just my skin crying out for a deep clean and sadly my coconut oil was not cutting it. I think I'll be able to go back to my coconut oil routine when spring reappears, but for now I've gone back to a gentle cleanser every day and medicated lotion to moisturise. It's made a huge difference, within a week my skin was totally different. 

I'm so glad I kept this stashed away!

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