December (So Far)

I can only apologise for such half-arsed blog writing this month, December has proven to be exactly like the rest of 2013 and been non-stop for me, I don't think I've looked forward to my Christmas break so much in years, I will definitely need the rest! 

Luckily, I take lots of photos, so I can give you visual guide to the first half of my December and it also serves as a good memory aid for me! 

After having a very busy couple of weeks at work (which has been mentally exhausting) we had our Christmas night out, which was at Simon Drake's House of Magic, at a secret location in South London! 

If you like magic then this is such a fun night out, I cannot recommend it enough. As it is I'm going to have to go back with my husband next year (with him being a massive Simon Drake fan and a magician himself , not just a magic enthusiast like me), it was without a doubt the best office night out that I've had  EVER. 

I finally began my second course of tooth jazzing-up (or whitening, as my dentist calls it). The whole procedure usually takes about 2 weeks, so I should be done by Christmas Day. It makes my teeth super-sensitive but it's worth it, I love it when my teeth are super-white.

There's been some amazing foggy mornings in London. It's been a fight with the sunrise most days, it looks very pretty though. 

I bought some fun stationary for my office and colleagues and written out my Christmas Cards (Hello Kitty, of course!)

I discovered that the Tesco around the corner from my house has started selling chocolate peanut butter! 

And I caught the office cold. Which, thanks to a day of these meds has now done one. 

I've been to the theatre twice. Firstly to see David Tennant whipping his hair extensions back and forth in the RSC production of Richard II:

(May have trolled him slightly at the stage door; I had a promise to keep to my friend and he really does look like Rob Lloyd - I was merely stating a fact and then letting Rob know I'd done it).

And then onto Brian & Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason at the (rather colourfully decorated - OMG when did that happen?) Hammersmith Apollo. 

This was a really fun night full of physics (Prof. Brian Cox) , biology (Prof. Alice Roberts), maths (Simon Singh) (are you asleep? Come on, science is awesome!) live music (some of it from rockstar and astronaut Chris Hadfield, whose Q & A session blew my mind) and comedy from Ross Noble, Stewart Lee and Chris Addison. Ticket price from the events goes to charity, it really is a great use of money and a wonderfully diverse night out. I can't wait to go again next year already! 

And that tales me up to today, the mid-point of December. I told you I'd been busy! Notice that they gym workouts have fallen by the wayside again? I'm going this week.  As with all of 2013, December has been one of those months where life has thrown too many awesome things in my path for me to not take advantage of them, so going to the gym seems to drop off my radar. I've got a quiet week ahead now, so I can reward myself with some me time in there.

There has been a new YouTube video added to my channel, I was having major tech and lighting woes, so it's not great but my friend Alison has given me a brilliant idea for another video, so I will try to get that filmed and uploaded before the month is out. 

I'll probably get another post online over Christmas, but if I don't get back before then have a lovely Christmas and try not to drink too much port. Leave it to the professionals; like me. :)

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  1. Richard II was so amazing. I wish I could go again! I look forward to the DVD or download of it so I can watch again. :)