November was #OperationGoddess month. The month to get my body, mind and spirit ready for the winter months, get myself into tip-top condition and make myself feel like a total goddess once again (hence the hashtag).

My skin was dreadful in October, I mean really bad, teenage years bad. Some of it was dairy (as I was still testing my Russian Roulette elimination diet and eating gelato for lunch daily in Florence) some of it was just my skin crying out for a deep clean and sadly my coconut oil was not cutting it. I think I'll be able to go back to my coconut oil routine when spring reappears, but for now I've gone back to a gentle cleanser every day and medicated lotion to moisturise. It's made a huge difference, within a week my skin was totally different. 

I'm so glad I kept this stashed away!

I've also stopped using a make-up item that I was very attached to and I think this has also made a difference, but I'll explain all this a lot better in my next beauty round-up video (which I should be filming in the next week) as I've got a lot of ground to cover in my video this month.

I've been cleaning out my diet, not just in the dairy sense but also in the treats/junk sense. Far be it for me to quit my addition to Poptarts and Dark Chocolate Dreams entirely (I'm having a clean up, I'm not insane), but I have been trying to restrict my indulgences to the weekends, as opposed to week nights. I've also begun the hunt for a totally allergy-free shake that doesn't taste horrific, I don't want a soya one as that stuff sends my hormones into freefall. What do vegans do about these things? All advice is welcomed.

I love my SmartShaker!

I've also become addicted to clementines, but I think that's more of a seasonal thing. Christmas is looming, the buy one get one free is everywhere!

I've made myself promise to be consistent at the gym. Consistency not only makes the weights I can lift increase and makes my running times faster but it also makes the whole process easier. Once a good routine is established it is a hard habit to break. I marked all the days that I intended to go to the gym on my calendar in November, only one session was missed and that was because I was in Italy (a fine excuse). I aimed for 10 sessions this month - I managed 9, which was pretty good. I'm trying to keep my routine as varied as possible over a 3 days-a-week cycle so that I don't get bored. I also learned a neat trick about how to get rid of DOMS - put an electric blanket on your bed. You hop into bed that night aching, sleep in a toasty, warm bed and wake up totally ache free! 

I'm a big fan of meditation and I've never found it difficult like so many people do (I've always been a good daydreamer, I'm great at 'switching off' from work the moment I step out of the office and living in London has taught me how to find peace in the noisiest of places) so I can often just hop in and out of a programme as and when required. I'm meditating every night before bed at the moment, which is a lovely way to relax before falling asleep. The biggest issue when meditating is not letting your mind flit off to other things (why do you suddenly remember the date of your credit card bill now?!). I find the best way to not  get distracted by thoughts is to just keep a mantra in your mind, mine are rarely in sanskrit (as some of them can be a bugger to remember) so I choose something simple instead (my favourite one at the moment is I play, I create, I succeed as it's so carefree and grounding at the same time). It's getting into the right frame of mind and staying there that counts - the rest is just mere details.

My meditation image is a clear, starry sky. source

#OperationGoddess made me feel so much better. My skin cleared up almost entirely, I dropped 3lbs, I had loads of energy and at my friends birthday party last weekend, I thought I looked in good form!

I love my party hair!

In fact, it was so successful (and nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be) that I'm carrying all these new habits right through December, January and February - so by the time my 35th birthday rolls around I'll be feeling and looking my absolute best.

New Years resolutions? Ha. Some of us started them in November, I'm never one to run with the crowd. ;)
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