Project Hair

2013 was the year I started project hair. I got my last haircut at the end of January 2013 and since then - nothing. I've been growing it ever since. And yes, it's felt like a long hair year! 

I started wearing my hair short right after I got married in September 2010. I fancied a really big change and I'd been trying to grow my hair FOREVER for my wedding. By the time the wedding was approaching I gave up, got my shoulder length hair trimmed and arranged to have hair extensions clipped in for the big day - it was just easier.

After I came back from my honeymoon, the hair came off, and I decided to do it properly once and for all!

I kept it this length for the following couple of years, in fact my current employers and colleagues have never known me to have long hair, so when I wear it up in the office now I get constant remarks about how much it's grown and how different I look. My friends also love to tell me that longer hair makes me look 5 years younger. OH COME ON! How am I supposed to resist that compliment?!

Growing my hair has felt like a massive challenge. To go from short, tidy hair to this daily blonde mess on my head hasn't been easy. I've not wanted to hack it off all year, but I have wanted it to behave itself more. Around April/May it was an absolute nightmare and I could do nothing with it. It was at it's true 'in-between' stage and really got on my nerves as I couldn't style it and couldn't wear it up, I just had to kirby grip bits back and hope for the best. I knew if I persevered it would calm down within a few weeks and it did. Thankfully!

My hair is now at a sensible length. I'm not done growing it yet, ideally I want to leave it untouched until summer 2014, but I may have to revisit this goal in the coming months as it's starting to look a bit messy again - this of course could be another growth spurt and by mid-January it might have all calmed down again, but I am getting very ticked off with the front, I think I might need a long fringe cutting in, but I'm yet to decide. I spent years cutting my own fringe with my hairdressing scissors, so this is something I am prepared to do again if it will stop me going near a hair salon for a little longer! I don't get split-ends, so I really am in no hurry to have it trimmed. 

Mid-length hair can be a bit of a pain to do things with, so here are my top tips for styling tricks with mid-length hair.

(Disclaimer: my hair is naturally poker straight, not dyed,  fine but there is a lot of it. These are recommendations based upon my experience with my own time-consuming, frustrating mop of hair.)

Make dry shampoo your best friend
Reduces washes, adds volume, allows for better styling. When I'm putting extensions in or curling my hair I wash my hair the day before and dry shampoo on the day of styling. It makes my hair hold a style better and creates volume.

Make friends with faking it
Fine hair makes for a sad pony tail, but I love a good top knot, so I bought a colour-matched pony-wrap and I just wrap that into my pony tail. Instant knot!

I still get lots of use out of my wedding hair extensions (which is good as they cost me £100), they're still my favourite party hair. I sewed them into double-thickness wefts, so I only need three for a full head.

Make friends with other stylers - not just hair straighteners!

I never use straigthners but the three items above are my styling arsenal.  I use a curling iron for flicks and waves (helpful for unruly fringe)

Crimpers for volume and excellent party hair, circa 1985. LOVE IT!

Large barrelled hot-air styler for volume ( and velcro rollers and back-combing brushes)

Make friends with braids, twists and other hair gymnastics

Learn how to do good hair rolls, they're a godsend for an unruly fringe.

You can't beat a good braid too, I think they look super-cute. 

As much as you can feel restricted at a mid-length, with a bit of creativity (and bravery!) you can achieve lots of varied looks, all which keep your look fresh and interesting and keep you distracted enough to not have it all cut off in a fit of pique!

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  1. I know how frustrating this can be! I feel like i've been growing my hair FOREVER! Its so fine it drives me crazy! Its definitely coming along great though so keep at it girl! :)

  2. I agree. No matter what length your hair is, you must not restrict yourself from having a great hair day. It may be a huge challenge to style it especially for short and mid length hair, but just like you said, a little bravery and creativity will do the trick. And as for a long hair, a hair extension can be your next best friend. Thanks for sharing.

    Tommy @