Fashionably Fit

You know what I'm terrible at? Wearing bright colours in winter, seriously awful at it. I just naturally get drawn to all my dark wardrobe pieces; blacks, greys, dark blues, dark greens. I manage stripes (a lot!) but that's about it. I know that if I surround myself with bright colours it lifts my spirits a lot at this time of year so I thought a change was due.

So when I was asked to take part in the Fashionably Fit campaign and try some new Nike workout kit from SportsShoes I saw this as a brilliant excuse to choose some really bright colours and brighten up my workout wardrobe. 

I went a bit crazy with pink. I ORDERED ALL THE PINK. 2 tank vests, capri workout pants and, as I'm dancing a little more these days, some studio training shoes. 

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January Purchases

Yes, it's a cliche but shopping really cheers me up. I've appreciated my salary a lot this month!


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January; you are horrific.

I stand firm in my judgement that January is the shittiest month of the year in the UK. It's dark in the mornings, it's dark in the evenings, it's cold, and this year it won't stop bloody raining. ENOUGH WITH THE CALENDAR EMO ALREADY.

January, YOU SUCK.

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It's all about the bunnies, bunnies, bunnies ...

Yes, I'm writing about pastries in January. Hear me out before you start throwing things at me, okay?

January/New Years weight loss resolutions are hard to stick, REALLY HARD. So hard that 80% of us have sacked them off before the month is out. I never go into January too hard, I don't like crazy eating routines and daily gym visits; my mantra is the same for 2014 as it was for 2013; everything within moderation.

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Another Significant Ten

Number 10's are slowly taking over my life right now!

Any excuse for a Who reference (source)

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Ten Years Ago ...

I came back from New Years in New York with my girlfriends and saw this photo of myself from Boxing Day: 

And resolved to change my life for good (after I'd eaten my entire Christmas selection box in one sitting - how I managed to eat 5 chocolate bars one after another I'll never know ...)

By August that very same year ...

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