Another Significant Ten

Number 10's are slowly taking over my life right now!

Any excuse for a Who reference (source)

Today is exactly 10 weeks until my 35th birthday (St. Patrick's Day, for those who are taking notes) and as part of my New Years Resolutions I've promised to go into 35 looking and feeling my best. I don't know why I'm so taken with the number but 35 sounds amazing. I can't wait to get there! 


So, with that in mind, #OperationGoddess is having a reboot. Starting with NO DAIRY. I snapped this selfie at the end of last week and it carries all the reasons why I need to consider Christmas over and therefore step away from Wensleydale and Christmas cake combo : 

That is one of my classic dairy allergy breakouts. I had already given up dairy by the time this photo was taken, but it takes about a week for it to flush right out of my system. It's almost totally cleared up now (3 days later) so as long as I give up dairy quickly it does go away rather fast. As much as I hate seeing my skin in tatters, I'm glad I took this photo as it's nice to have a visual record of why I need to be stricter with my eating habits. 

So it's dairy free from herein! 

As with my last dalliance with #OperationGoddess; this is not about punishment. Yes, I have gained weight that I would like to lose but I can't get on board with New Years Resolutions that seem to base themselves on being miserable and punishing the body (and the mind, I know I've been so guilty of that in the past and as I sit here now in my mid-thirties I know how stupid I was to have been so cruel to myself all the time, age really does make you wiser!). I'm just doing it the sensible way; fewer calories, good food and good moves.

I've said previously how much I hate my gym in January because it's SOOOOO full. So I'm only going on weekends this month and the rest will have to be workouts at home. My big New Years Resolution for 2014 was to dance more (I really miss dancing, I feel like it's been forever and in reality it's been 2 years since I put on my dance shoes) so I'm starting slowly.

Just Dance

My mum got me this set for Christmas and I cannot wait to use it. Combined with all the music I have from my instructor training and have enough home workouts to easily see me through week nights for the month, so the gym can be as busy as it wants!

So, that's the plan for my January. What's yours?
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1 comment:

  1. I think I've gone in a little hard with my diet, I'm feeling awful! My blood sugar keeps hitting the decks and I am bloated to heck! I'm going to keep going with it this week as a sort of detox or kick start, but over the weekend I really need to look at my intake.

    Love the look of that Zumba set. I have one of the other sets, but it's been packed away since we put the house on the market at the start of last year...I miss it!