It's all about the bunnies, bunnies, bunnies ...

Yes, I'm writing about pastries in January. Hear me out before you start throwing things at me, okay?

January/New Years weight loss resolutions are hard to stick, REALLY HARD. So hard that 80% of us have sacked them off before the month is out. I never go into January too hard, I don't like crazy eating routines and daily gym visits; my mantra is the same for 2014 as it was for 2013; everything within moderation.

Therefore I baked at the start of this week. Hey, if I'm having a treat then I might as well have something homemade so that I know exactly what's in it, right?

Cinnamon is one of the yummiest things ever. Cinnamon rolls therefore are like catnip to me. Oh the glorious times of falling into Cinnabon at Piccadilly Circus at midnight after a drunken night out,  hugging iced cinnamon rolls all the way home on the tube, waking up in the morning with delight that you didn't eat them before you passed out and then having one with a coffee for breakfast - sigh - what great, great times.

However, none of that is suitable January behaviour, is it? Doesn't stop me wanting cinnamon rolls though. So, the google hunt for suitable cinnabunnies began.

Now, I like baking but I've never made pastries before in my life (shocker!) so I was looking for something easy. Type 'easy cinnamon buns' into a search and what do you find? This.

You had me at easy!

7 ingredients and ... dairy-free. If that's not the universe telling me to put the oven on then what is?!!

I followed the recipe to the letter, and it worked perfectly. It's just like making an easy loaf but with extras, so if you've made bread before this will be an absolute breeze, for those who haven't it's a great way to realise that dough isn't scary.  GO MAKE THESE NOW!

They are lovely little cinnabunnies! As you can see, the recipe made an even dozen for me and they top out at around 200 calories each  - perfect.

Operation Goddess allows cinnabunnies. Oh yes it does.

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  1. Replies
    1. They come highly recommended - even from the dairy consumer in the house.

  2. They look delicious. What did you use in place of Earth balance? Or can we find it in the UK?

    1. I use Stork for all my dairy-free baking.Works a treat.

  3. OMG. OMG. They're easy AND they're vegan?! How did I not know about these?! That's my weekend baking sorted. Happy new year to you, by the way :) x

    1. Let me know how you get on - they're delicious. HNY to you too! :)