January Purchases

Yes, it's a cliche but shopping really cheers me up. I've appreciated my salary a lot this month!


I haven't hit the sales too hard this year, mostly because I don't want to buy anything new until I lose a little weight; I've hit up my favourite charity shop chain in three locations (Chiswick, Gloucester Road and Ealing) and bought lots of lovely jumpers (including ones from Zara, Bennetton and M&S, I love finding bargains!).

I had a trip to Uniqlo on Kensington High Street and Regents Street to stock up on their Leggings Trousers (most comfortable things EVER, they look like skinny trousers on you but feel like leggings, they're amazing) and some tops (yes, more stripes, I love stripes so hard!). 

I bought some ankle boots in October from New Look for £24. This was a risk as cheaper range boots never last for me. I wear footwear hard and due to covering an average of 7 miles on foot per day my footwear can wear out pretty fast. I counter this by having lots of footwear (it's not just an excuse!) so I can rotate them and by investing in good brands that I know are hardy and can withstand my level of punishment. Needless to say, after 3 months my New Look ones were dead. My heel went through the back of the boot last weekend - not even joking! 

So, I decided to reinvest in some higher-price range boots. Now I knew I liked the style of biker-ankle boots I scoured the Kurt Geiger sale and found these reduced by £60 

So gorgeous. So comfy. So hardy! I love wearing big, clunky boots with really feminine outfits. Floral tights? You betcha. 

Oh, I bought a blazer style jacket for half price from Monsoon too. It's a bit Elton John but I love it!

My final purchase has been for the home, and it's an item that I coveted for even longer than I did an iPad - it's a Vitamix. 

It's hard to explain what these things are; I want to say imagine a blender but then imagine it can do heating and swooshing and blending down to absolute smoothness but it makes me sound a bit crazy, but honestly SO MUCH MORE THAN A BLENDER.  I cannot stop using it. I've hinted in two posts about it but I will talk a lot more about it in my next Operation Goddess update. It's awesome. SO AWESOME.

How have you faired in the sales? 
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  1. I love those Uniqlo leggings! They are so comfortable. Every time I am in London I buy more!

  2. Just buying some of those leggings now!