January; you are horrific.

I stand firm in my judgement that January is the shittiest month of the year in the UK. It's dark in the mornings, it's dark in the evenings, it's cold, and this year it won't stop bloody raining. ENOUGH WITH THE CALENDAR EMO ALREADY.

January, YOU SUCK.

I've had one really bad Seasonal Affective Disorder day in the last week. It was so bad that I wish I'd taken the day off sick, I couldn't do anything at work without it feeling like a massive struggle. I should have just given up and stayed in bed. Sometimes I know it's better to push through my symptoms and gain control but on really bad days it is genuinely hopeless. Sadly it was one of the latter type of days. Thankfully the really low days only appear once per season, so that's me all done now and the next day I was bright as a button again. Seasonal Affective Disorder really is no joke.

January is so hard to get through, I've had some major issues adjusting to a regular eating pattern after Christmas (it took me until the end of the second week to finally have my body clock back in working order) and I still seem to be wanting extra sleep, post-work naps have happened on more than one occasion. Matters are improving though, we're over halfway through the month now!

#OperationGoddess has been helping me keep focused. Here's what's been happening:


I used to take wheatgrass religiously every morning and I don't quite remember when or why, but I stopped taking it. Given that I've been trying to help my skin recover I figured now was a perfect time to reintroduce it to my diet. Within a few days the change in my skin was incredible. Now I remember why I loved this stuff so much! I bought a bag of basic wheatgrass from Holland & Barratt, but when it runs out I'm off back to my local organic supermarket to stock on the concentrated stuff I used to take (it tastes a lot nicer, this stuff is very, very lawn-like!).

No Dairy

Dairy is still not happening. I've been very strict with myself and it's definitely made me feel a lot better in myself. My dairy-free cinnabunnies were delicious and last week I invented marshmallow popcorn: 

Just make a big batch of plain popcorn - I use 1 tbsp oil and 150g kernals, when it's cooked pour it out onto some kitchen foil and leave to cool. For the marshmallow topping add 2 tbsp of butter (or dairy free alternative, in my case) and a good handful of marshmallows to a pan and melt gently, stirring until it's all combined into a pinky-peachy goo. Pour over the popcorn and leave to cool. It's sticky as hell, but so so so delicious! It's not too sweet either, which was a big surprise for me!


I haven't been pushing myself too hard; just a few sessions per week. So far I've tried out the Zumba Rush dvd from my Exhilarate boxset (whoever said on an Amazon review that it was an easy workout was a damn liar; it was the hardest 20 minutes of my life!) and I dragged out my old Zumba Fitness game for the Wii (I'd forgotten how much I love this game and how bloody hard Zumba is, it's alarming how unfit I am compared to how fit I used to be a few years back - more on that in another post). I've still loads more dvds to get through, so I'm being kept happily entertained while my gym remains chockablock on weeknights.

I've been doing a lot of reading into interval training this month, and that's something that I'm starting this weekend too; it's how I first started running back in 2009, it made me feel super fit, super fast so I think it's time to have a revival. 

I'm anticipating some additions to my diet in the second half of the month, as I've invested in a Vitamix for my kitchen, but more about that next month. 

I hope your January hasn't been too horrific. The stuff we have to put up with in the Northern Hemisphere, huh? Sunlight soon guys, I promise. 
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  1. Hehe, this made me laugh, I completely agree that January is horrific, although I think this one has been better than previous years, if only because I'm so sodding busy I haven't the chance for the horrificness to sink in!

    1. Busy is good! Work is my best distraction at this time year. And Netflix. And books.

  2. Woo hoo, so glad I found your blog via Laura's it's awesome! Loved this post, and the marshmallow popcorn?! Yes please! Off to read more now :):)