Ten Years Ago ...

I came back from New Years in New York with my girlfriends and saw this photo of myself from Boxing Day: 

And resolved to change my life for good (after I'd eaten my entire Christmas selection box in one sitting - how I managed to eat 5 chocolate bars one after another I'll never know ...)

By August that very same year ...

So when you're back at work today feeling very put out that you're not still in bed / in your pyjamas / watching back-to-back episodes of Catfish on your iPad /eating trifle for breakfast (it's been a VERY productive Christmas break) and hacked off that you've resolved to be healthier and more active this year DO NOT GIVE UP. Look at what I achieved in 8 months. It was hard work but the good habits I got into that year have never left me and they keep me on track when I need to be reigned in.

24 year old Alex didn't know it then, but that year ahead would change her life.

34 year old Alex can sit here today, typing this, and assure you that it made me who I am today. 

Believe that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Happy New Year, guys.
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  1. You look amazing! Sometimes one photo is all it takes to get you motivated.

  2. Seriously woman, you are awesome!

  3. I do love a good before&after. And this is a great one!