Rant approaching. Stand well back.

The internet annoys the hell out of me some days. I know everyone has moments where things fly out of their mouths without thinking (which we will have to apologise for at some point, because we will have hurt someone's feelings) and it's no different online - I'm guilty of thinking before typing sometimes, I've made a point of encouraging myself to draft a lot of things before hitting send these days, just so I can go back to it at a later point with fresh eyes and a clear mind. 

The internet is full of campaigns these days; no slutshaming,  no to Page 3, yes to Page 3, stop everyday sexism and no fatshaming, to name just a few. And yet skinnyshaming has been all over the internet in the last 24 hours thanks to the US final of The Biggest Loser

Rachel went from 260lbs to 105lbs to win (source)

If you've been through some weight loss, you'll know how hard it is, and frankly if I had Jillian Michaels shouting over my shoulder on a daily basis in that house I'd probably spend a lot of my time playing dead, but that doesn't make her loss any less significant or amazing. Rachel has changed her life and had an amazing result. We should be happy for her. 

Is her weight loss 'extreme'? She went on The Biggest Loser for a reason, you know, and that was probably to give it her all and get some weight off. A lot of weight, that's the nature of this show. She's had a trainer, a doctor and a nutritionist with her along the way, I strongly doubt she's 'anorexic' (a word I have seen used online regarding her weight loss, which is frankly disgusting). Have they given her the mental support she needs to adjust to this change? I hope so. Will she keep the weight off? I hope so. We all have a little rebound after a big weight loss burst, and she probably will, the nature of this show is to lose the most weight to win a hefty cash prize - she's done as the show encourages people to do. If she gains 15 lbs as soon as the cameras are off her it's no big deal. She wanted to win the show and she did do. If this has been the catalyst to her living a longer and healthier life, then more power to her. This is just the start of a whole new life for her, she could look totally different in a years time, she's a long road yet to travel. 

I've written previously on a blog that skinnyshaming is NOT OKAY. It's hurtful when you've worked so bloody hard to achieve something and all you get is criticism from people. I appreciate that some of them will have been 'just looking out for me' (read: concerned I was starving myself because OMG how did a fat girl get so thin??) and that's all well and good, but at the end of the day it's none of your business.

I say this a lot but what someone wishes to do with their own body is no one else's business. If someone wants to lose weight, gain weight, sell their body for sex, have control over their own womb IT'S THEIR CHOICE. Stop judging, shaming and pushing your opinion onto others who's views and values differ.  

So let's not do this, okay? Let's not call her skeletal in the Daily Mail comments section. How is that going to help? She's probably dealing with a lot of issues in relation to her body image right now and abusing her for achieving something she's probably dreamed of for years is of no benefit to her at all. Celebrate her success and let her find her own way around her new body and new life. Like I said, this is just the beginning for her. I know I've learned more about my body in the decade following my weight loss than I ever did before and she'll need a good support network around her when she has things to deal with, not a bunch of people hiding behind a screen leaving bitchy comments here, there and everywhere for her to see. 

Well done Rachel, don't listen to the over-opinionated haters, listen to yourself and you'll be just fine. 

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  1. Couldnt agree more! Shes clearly worked bluddy hard to shed the weight and having professional people by her side I very much doubt shes anorexic!
    People are so quick to shoot others down these days, does my head in!!

  2. Totally agree with you on this - skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming, in some ways even worse because people actually think it's acceptable. Grr!