Snap Snap

Another lovely photo post for you all! Here's some more things from my month, less beauty-focussed, more of my other interests.

Striped slouch jumper dress from H&M. I have a wardrobe full of striped clothes. Not even sorry. I love stripes and polka dots so much.

Name necklace from Christopher James of London. I already have an Alex necklace, but I really wanted a Lexi one as I have a little soft-spot for that nickname. Next up I'm going to order an Alexandra one - might as well buy the whole hat trick of names!

Doctor Who dvds. Netflix makes me lazy, I own no modern Who dvds because of it (apart from Day of The Doctor) however I do have a growing collection of Classic Who ones. I'm pretty attached to Classic Who as I prefer the story lengths and layouts (not crammed into 45 minutes, for example). There's also great extras on the dvds for the Who Nerd in me, making them great value for money. These two were just under £6 each from the BBC Shop in The Mailbox in Birmingham. Oh, they had the TARDIS in there too - how could I resist a little photo opportunity?

Polka Dot Print lounge pants Boden. Never one to miss a bargain in the Boden sale, I spotted these with an extra 20% off at the end of January. The jammies are so comfy and long! I bought a scarf too because I need more of those. Obviously.

Frank Turner's Tape Deck Heart album. I caught The Way I Tend to Be on Radio 1 a few weeks back and loved Franks voice, so I downloaded this album to my Spotify playlist. It's a bit of a gloomy album overall, but it does have some good tracks.

Prohibition-Style Gin Cocktails. I went for lunch in All Bar One last month and my friend insisted on a sharing cocktail. This one was the Chelsea Rose cocktail made with a Hendrick's gin base. Served in a teapot, we were issued with teacups full of ice to drink it with. Very prohibition! I still want to open a Prohibition Tea room if I ever win the Lotto.

Counting stars. This is my non-instrusive, fun way of logging my weight loss this year. Little stars added onto my calendar for every pound that I lose. 

Peanut Butter Oreos made into a dairy free milkshake using almond milk. This was beyond awesome. I bought this massive pack from eBay for a fiver but it's worth it if you're as addicted to peanut butter as I am!

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  1. That milkshake sounds amazing! Love the idea of the little stars for weight loss as well :-)

  2. It is such a good milkshake! But I'm sure I can recreate with a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter.