Giving Up & Adding In

I don't think I've mentioned my Lent shenanigans this year, as we're a good few weeks in I should really update with what's been happening over the last month.

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My Birthday

As I may have mentioned (ten thousand times) it was my birthday last week. I wanted to do something I loved for my birthday; food was obviously top of the list followed by galleries and museums because I'm a massive nerd (I say this with total pride, really).

Birthday celebrations began on the Saturday with lunch at Byron on Charing Cross Road and a trip to The National Gallery.

I love their courgette fries!

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35 and free!

The cool thing about starting blogs on your birthday is that you never forget you blogiversary! 

On the 17th March 2010, 4 years ago, I started blogging over at Al's Food & Fitness Adventures and last year I made the switch to Love Life Lexi. My old blog is still there (and still gets a good 1000+ views per week!), even though I no longer write for that blog I am still super proud of all the work I put into it for those 3.5 years, which is why it remains out there in cyberspace for all to see (and read, evidently!). I'm glad that even over 6 months later people still enjoy the content there, it reaffirms my faith that my time was well spent and that I must be a decent writer after all!

My little writing corner

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The Cult of the Green Smoothie

(That title works best if you sing it in the style of this song.)

There are many things in life that people don't warn you about; overplucking your eyebrows, forgetting to moisturise daily, why it's imperative to carry hand sanitiser on the London Underground, why opening a jar of peanut butter and picking up a spoon will be the end of your skinny jeans ... and so forth.

I recently encountered this with the cult of the green smoothie. I make no denial here; I am in so deep with this cult that it's a daily ritual that I love and wax lyrical to  anyone who is mad enough to engage with me on the subject (my admin gets it every day when she asks me what's in my smoothie jar for lunch), however there are certain aspects (I want to say side-effects, but that's too severe) that NO ONE seems to tell you about. As an active member of the healthy living blog community and Pinterest addict you'd think someone would have covered these things, right? NOPE.

So here I am, your smoothie-guzzling saviour, here to tell you some of the interesting aspects of the cult of green smoothie that no one will have told you before you embark on this dietary experiment.

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Lexi's Salsamole

It can be quite a task to find decent guacamole when you're dairy-free. Some stores love shoving random ingredients in it (Waitrose, I'm looking at you! Double cream in your regular guac and creme fraiche in your reduced fat one? Whyyyyyyy???!!) Whole Foods do the best 'authentic' one on the market but it comes in a massive pot and there's no way that I even can consume that much in two days (yes, I've tried). So I decided to make my own.

As much as I love avocado, a whole one is a calorie-bomb. So I had to figure out a recipe which was a little lighter but still provided a decent amount of dip. The solution was my Salsamole. 

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Back on YouTube

Having been absent for so long (4 months!) the return of the daylight in my house means the return of the YouTube videos.

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Goodbye February

Just when I thought January was the worst month of the year, February really pulled the rug out from under me this year. If February was a man, we would have broken up this week. It's not me; it really is ALL YOU.

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