Giving Up & Adding In

I don't think I've mentioned my Lent shenanigans this year, as we're a good few weeks in I should really update with what's been happening over the last month.

I don't give things up for religious reasons, more just because I like to challenge myself and when I can't find anything to give up I add things in instead.  In previous years I've given up caffeine (stupid) chocolate (more stupid), peanut butter (most stupid thing ever), Lakeland Mango liquorice (the fact that this one was so specific indicates how severe my addiction was to this product at the time) and I've added in committing to recycling as much as possible, giving myself a compliment each day and doing daily sit ups. I love a challenge. I'm all over this Lent business.

With all these previous (stupid) experiences in mind, I made really off-the-cuff decisions for Lent this year. I decided to go 40 days without biscuits.

I love biscuits, but I can do without them for a bit. All I've really got to do is not get a hangover in the next 6 weeks and I'll be fine (as the first thing I do on a hangover is reach for tea and Hobnobs).

And, I added in yoga.


I froze my gym membership at the start of March to save some money (as I haven't used it since the start of February) but I wanted to do something alongside my daily walking commute to challenge myself. I haven't had my yoga mat out for almost a year, so I cleaned it off, dusted it down and put my funny little feet back on it.

I've been using my MTV Yoga dvd the most as I love it, I bought the first Tara Stiles dvd as a little early birthday gift to myself ,so I've been trying that out too. 

I could wax lyrical about this dvd all day - it's fantastic. I'm such a creature of habit when it comes to workout dvds but this one gave me the right challenge. It's very easy to follow, Tara is lovely and calm when guiding (very gently - she keeps emphasising breath and just having a go, not stressing about anything) and I surprised myself with how much I'm capable of doing when left to it (sign of a good teacher, I guess). I can no longer get into a bridge, which I'm really shocked about, I thought my upper body strength had improved with weight lifting - obviously not - how interesting) but I was up in a shoulder stand in an instant and it felt SO easy. It really was a surprising session and the hour seemed to whip by. I will buy more of her dvds as I progress.

I decided I should really get a new mat too (as by blue one is about 15 years old). I found this one  a few weeks back in TK Maxx for £8. Pink cherry blossom loveliness.

My flexibility has been shot to shit over the last year. This is all my own fault for not practicing alongside weight lifting and running, so my first session back on the mat was so bloody hard. I enjoyed it all the same and felt happy that I'd be back in advanced poses in no time. Interestingly enough I still have great balance, so at least that's something!

My biscuit hiatus will fade on Easter Sunday (already bought Oreos in - woohoo!) but hopefully my yoga glow will stay a little longer than 40 days. After all, I never ate that mango liquorice again after that Lent period (aside from during the obligatory post-Easter binge) so I'm hoping to make Yoga a more permanent fixture again.

Other things that I've loved in March:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar to kick-start my day
  • Mugs of hot Bovil after a cold walk home from work
  • Avocados (I am dangerously addicted to avocados!)
  • Pancake day! Any excuse to use my homemade cashew cream, which is so delicious.
  • Finding dark chocolate mini Easter Eggs in Lidl
  • Pink smoothies (especially ones with ginger in to help my hayfever)
  • Daffodils brightening up my house.
  • Nut Shot - 100% peanut butter (no nasties!) made in GB
  • Lindt Dark Sea Salted chocolate
  • Rice Krispies for breakfast
  • Nigella's Macaroon recipe (they're not biscuits, so they're allowed! I dipped mine in dark chocolate)

Did you give anything up for Lent?

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  1. I have major yoga mat envy...

    I'll need to look into those DVDs. I love yoga, but haven't found a good DVD or real-life instructor yet. I wonder if someone has uploaded sections to YouTube I can try before I buy?

    I've never given up anything for lent, but I admire your willpower. Do you find you end up supplementing whatever you've given up (ie, no biscuits but more cake)?

    1. Not really, a lot of options for treats are taken away from me due to dairy-allergy, so if I want something I have to bake it!

      I think Tara Styles has a lot of yoga on YouTube, so have a browse

  2. I didn't give up anything for lent, but I do like my challenges! What I think is great is that you gave something up and added something in, hope you enjoy all the yoga!

    1. I'm really enjoying yoga, this week I'm starting swimming too! :)

  3. Well, I had 'tried' to give up bread for lent, but that didn't last long LOL!

    1. The biscuit hiatus has been going very well (aside from a birthday cookie day) but that was all.