Goodbye February

Just when I thought January was the worst month of the year, February really pulled the rug out from under me this year. If February was a man, we would have broken up this week. It's not me; it really is ALL YOU.

By the second week of the month I'd had to take time of work with some particularly nasty cold germs which put me to bed for a few days, and in the third week my step-dad got rushed into hospital with peritonitis after his appendix burst. I had a week at home helping my mum cope with this really stressful, scary time and holding my step-dad's hand whilst he laid in intensive care, willing him to wake up and be well. Thankfully he's very strong and surrounded by love, so he's back at home now making a steady (and as far as I'm concerned, miraculous) recovery. We're all very relieved and thankful for all the support we've had - my friends were SO amazing during this time; I spent my last night at Mum's drinking wine, crying tears of joy and messaging them; thanking them for being so incredible and supportive. I felt very loved during that week. 

So, I arrived back in London for the last weekend in the month, to a pre-planned day out with two of my lovely friends for a geeky girls day out of buying nerdy stuff in Forbidden Planet, lunch at The Diner in Covent Garden and treat shopping in Whole Foods. Nothing lifts my spirits like bulk purchasing Doctor Who dvds, peanut butter and eating Whole Foods Carrot Cake (this cake makes everyone who eats it a cake evangelist, any day now it will have it's own cult following). 

I've used this last week of the month to get myself back into a good routine. I've spent most of my week feeling very emotional and quite tired, so I've been looking after myself a little more. The daylight has started to really show it's face now, the sun is shining more and the temperatures in London have hit double figures in the daytime - spring is about to, well, spring into action - nothing makes me happier than knowing the spring and summer is on the way.

This week it's been lots of smoothies, comforting dinners, a little extra walking and a lot of sleep. I'm still riding a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions on a daily basis, but I'm embracing them as opposed to hiding from them and encouraging myself to be thankful and grateful for all the amazing, loving, wonderful people that I have in my life  that have got me through this tough time. I feel like a very lucky girl right now.

Marching on!

ANYWAY, today it's March. I LOVE MARCH! It's my birthday month, Jon Pertwee is on my Doctor Who calendar for the month, the clocks move forward bringing the UK even more daylight and springtime starts to appear around London. It's a wonderful month and I'm so happy to see it arrive.

February, it's over. I'm seeing someone new, March & I are hoping to be very happy together

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  1. So sorry that February has been so crap for you, but I agree, yey for March!