Lexi's Salsamole

It can be quite a task to find decent guacamole when you're dairy-free. Some stores love shoving random ingredients in it (Waitrose, I'm looking at you! Double cream in your regular guac and creme fraiche in your reduced fat one? Whyyyyyyy???!!) Whole Foods do the best 'authentic' one on the market but it comes in a massive pot and there's no way that I even can consume that much in two days (yes, I've tried). So I decided to make my own.

As much as I love avocado, a whole one is a calorie-bomb. So I had to figure out a recipe which was a little lighter but still provided a decent amount of dip. The solution was my Salsamole. 

You'll need:

- Half of one large ripe avocado
- half a tub of store-bought salsa (I go with mild and add the rest of the flavours in myself)
- Jalapeno peppers (to taste, I like my food hot and spiced, so I get rather generous here)
- Half of one lime (for the juice)

Scoop out the avocado into a bowl and mash through with a fork. Add the salsa, jalapenos (I roughly chop mine up a little) and stir together. Finish with the lime juice and stir through the mix.

You could go a little further and add a little smoked paprika to the top, if you wish, depends upon the salsa you use and what flavours you like. 

This recipe filled my little heart-shaped bowl, which is a generous amount to eat with 40g of tortilla chips. Big scoops all around!

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