From the Corners of my Kitchen

You know what I haven't done for a while? Bore you all with food. Here's a bit of a round up of the products that have been gracing my kitchen over the last couple of months.

This sounds like a hideous product, I mean, WTF is nutritional yeast anyway? Answer - an absolutely brilliant cheese substitute for those of us who have sarcastic digestive systems.

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Lots of planets have a North

... and my planet is no exception as that's where I hail from.

You can take the girl out of Yorkshire ...

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YouTube: April

I'm out of London for a few days, visiting my folks in the North.

I'm a little behind with blogging at the moment, so you've got my monthly YouTube video to keep you entertained (?!) this week: 

and I'll hopefully be back with a decent post when I have lots of free time over Easter. 

(VIDEO EDIT, about the argan oil, it's a great product if you're someone who straightens their hair as I'm told it will make your hair very smooth and shiny, however as someone who doesn't heat style it's a bit of a wasted purchase!).

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What I Learned from Doctor Who

Last month I listened to a great podcast about Doctor Who in which the guests and presenters spoke about what they learned from watching the show. Listening to it one night in bed made the think about the things I've learned from watching Doctor Who, and as so many things ran around my head I had to write them all down! Inspired by the Splendid Chaps podcast here's what I have learned from watching Doctor Who. 

Just a few essentials ...

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