From the Corners of my Kitchen

You know what I haven't done for a while? Bore you all with food. Here's a bit of a round up of the products that have been gracing my kitchen over the last couple of months.

This sounds like a hideous product, I mean, WTF is nutritional yeast anyway? Answer - an absolutely brilliant cheese substitute for those of us who have sarcastic digestive systems.

Nutty, sprinkled on food like a faux-Parmesan. Excellent on enchiladas, pasta and even beans on toast!

It's a life changer for someone who misses eating cheese. I can still have a teeny tiny bit in my diet with no dire effects, but the more I sub the better and this stuff is excellent.

The hunt for vegan, non-soya protein shakes is an entertaining one as there's a dearth of decent ones in the UK. In the first instance I wanted unflavoured ones to blend into things. So I settled for these two powders:

Buying these in GNC was hilarious. I commented to my friend Alison as I picked them up that people said odd things about them 'they taste like grass! And peas!'  - and they're made from hemp and peas??! NO WAI, BRO. Even the guy at the till made the same comment (and got the same sarcastic response from me). I think we laughed ourselves out of the shop. Yes, they taste like what they're made from (shocker!) but when you blend them into stuff, they're absolutely fine. I use the hemp for sweet blends and pea for savoury. Makes sense, no?

Speaking of blending things, my Cherry Bakewell Smoothie is my new favourite thing. Cherries, almond milk, banana, date and almond butter. Look how pretty!

I've been making myself eat decent lunches at work. I'm shocking with lunches. Lunch does nothing for me, but I do need to eat more calories during the day so I went to the Look What We Found website and bought a box of food. All I do is stick one of these in the office microwave and add two cups of fresh vegetables. Lunch sorted. Even if I do have to consume it as a last resort at 3pm most days.

I love flavoured coffee but refuse to waste calories on the ridiculous concoctions that you buy at Starbucks (and I hate their coffee anyway, I'm a Costa girl). Douwe Egberts Flavour Collective are great additions to my desk as I can have nice coffee without wasting important calories that I could use on other things (like Oreos).

The hazelnut one with almond milk = joy.

I spotted the new Alpro Coconut milk on offer a couple of weeks back and thought I'd give it a go. It's really, really, really coconutty. Excellent in milkshakes and smoothies but not good in tea (I've been spoiled by the mild taste of Koko). This week I found Alpro chocolate almond milk - now you're talking!

I had a Twinings Tea Raid at the start of the month, it's a definite perk of going to the shop on Strand, their pick and mix tea selection!

I wanted to try the Salted Caramel Green Tea, but wasn't brave enough to buy a box, so I bought a few bags to try. OMG it's heavenly. A box was purchased hastily afterwards.

Easter meant the traditional trip to Hotel Chocolat where I bought their version of Nutella (minus dairy!) and an Easter Egg.

I love dark chocolate, I really do, but it has limits. I ate such a tiny amount on Easter Sunday and had to stop before I got a migraine. Still, it's an Easter where I haven't gained any weight from binging on chocolate.

On the subject, I've been back in the kitchen perfecting a recipe for dairy-free chocolate brownies. One batch was swirled with peanut butter, one with butterscotch chips (a very small amount. obviously). It's a work in progress and the recipe is being saved for later publishing.

At some point I need to revisit homemade dairy-free chocolate, as my friend is begging me for a recipe. Maybe next month if I ever get through that Easter egg!

Man, that's a lot of food.
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