Lots of planets have a North

... and my planet is no exception as that's where I hail from.

You can take the girl out of Yorkshire ...

I used to be pretty rubbish at making an effort to go back to my home town but its something I've made more of an effort with over the last few years as I want to spend as much time with my folks as I possibly can.

As I've said many times before, I am a non-driver and therefore all my traversing up and down the country is by train. I love a train journey; whether you splash out in first class and drink all the free gin or just tuck yourself up in the quiet carriage with a few shows on your iPad or with a good book, it's all lovely, stress-free time with a pretty view.

I've taken to having a little routine for my trips North now; get the train into Leeds, buy something pretty from Victoria's Secret, have a long walk through the city, catch a late train to Dewsbury and meet my mum there, eat fish & chips for dinner and have a terrible first nights sleep (why is the first night in a different bed such a pain in the arse?). But this time my mum was super organised, bought me sweet potato and chicken for dinner and let me watch the last half of the first season of Mad Men on her Sky+ box. Yay!

I spent Saturday having a shop with mum, I'm short on money until payday so I didn't want to go somewhere where I'd spend loads of money, luckily a bookshop and a sweet shop sorted me out on less than a tenner! 

I'd been searching for a book on the British Monarchs for a while, so spotting this for three quid felt like a total bargain. The Ben Miller one was an impulse purchase; but I love Ben Miller's comedy, I knew he used to study physics and  - as we all found out last week when he was cast in the show - he's a Whovian! That's a man I want to spend more of my time with, even if it is in text form. He's basically written this book for people like me; no formal education in any sciences past school years but have become curious enough to want to have a better grasp of science in relation to things that are happening in the world now. A flirtatious affair with science, if you will.

On Sunday we drove over to the coast. I hadn't been to Scarborough for about 25 years, so this was long overdue! It was a beautiful sunny day, a bit cold in the sea breeze but it made for beautiful photos.

We walked up and down the sea front, ate chips, cleaned all the London pollution out of my lungs and I even spotted a TARDIS! 

My new obsession over the last week or so has been spotting the International Space Station, which if you follow me on Twitter, you will know all about thanks to my nightly updates. This all started thanks to seeing Chris Hadfield talk last December, reading his book and then watching the Space season on Channel 4 last month. Now I'm a woman obsessed.  Last week I saw the ISS go over for the first time being chased by the progress module, then I had my mum in the back garden waving at it, the next night my step-dad came out to watch, then I text my brother the times and photos ... and suddenly I was getting everyone involved.

These are my favourite photos so far; firstly the ISS above my mum's house (moon on the right) - 

and this one from early this week, when the ISS was at the brightest for the month right over my house in London - 

Waving at cosmonauts is fun!

It was a lovely long weekend with my family and what's even better is now I get another long weekend to enjoy (between all the house cleaning and gardening, that is!)

I hope you all have a lovely Easter. I know I will ... 

This + Mad Men series two = happy Easter!

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