What I Learned from Doctor Who

Last month I listened to a great podcast about Doctor Who in which the guests and presenters spoke about what they learned from watching the show. Listening to it one night in bed made the think about the things I've learned from watching Doctor Who, and as so many things ran around my head I had to write them all down! Inspired by the Splendid Chaps podcast here's what I have learned from watching Doctor Who. 

Just a few essentials ...

Who runs the world? GIRLS

Okay, Beyonce said that, but it applies to Who too. There's been a lot of 'screaming girl' support in Doctor Who, but there's also been plenty of strong female role models too.

I think I'll always have a little soft spot for Sarah-Jane, probably because she was a local girl (and Elisabeth Sladen once had to tolerate me having a fangirl meltdown all over her in Marks & Spencer when I bumped into her on my lunch break) but she was a great female companion for the Doctor. I'm a huge fan of Liz Shaw too who sadly had the curse of being 'too clever' for a companion, but that's exactly why I liked her (I also believed she worked for UNIT, Jo I could not, EVER - and even if she did get that job through a family connection she should have been given no more responsibility than maintaining a filing cabinet).

Then there's River. Oh say what you like about this character but I LOVE her. She uses everything she's got, everything. Yes, even the power of female manipulation (feminists despair!). Sorry, but I am a woman and these are tools we all posses  and that some of us choose to waste. I don't rely on my looks or charm to get me anywhere (stop laughing), but add it to my total package (containing dazzing wits, confidence and intelligence - are you laughing again?) and it does me no harm whatsoever. River showed me that. So there.

(I also want to give a firm nod of appreciation to Donna Noble, who in my opinion, was the best 'new' Who female companion but I honestly get a bit upset when I think about her. Poor Donna, she remembers nothing...)

And if all else fails, do a Leela. 'Surrender or DIE!'

It's fine to run away when things get a bit scary

If Patrick Troughton's Doctor taught me anything it's 'When I say run ... RUN!!'.

I'm always a fan of the flight then fight method of dealing with problems. I usually have a massive instant over-the-top reaction to things (hello drama queen) so if I can bail out and take myself away to get some headspace and clarity, then I shall do so. The Doctor always came back with a plan, and I always do too. It's not cowardly, it's buying some time, which is very sensible. 

My borough is AMAZING 

I'm lucky enough to live in a part of London where I lot of Doctor Who was filmed. The most iconic moment for Ealing was in Spearhead from Space when the Autons smashed out of the shop window  - that shop window is Marks & Spencer, on the corner of the High Street (yes, the one that I bumped into Elisabeth Sladen in!). Look at those mad plastic things, marching down my High Street.

Ealing Studios was also used for some Who work (last time I checked they were still housing a few of the old monsters in there) and when you listen to a lot of the Classic Who commentaries they did a lot of read throughs at Acton Rehearsal Rooms. As a Whovian I get SO excited when I hear places close to me were used for the show, it never gets tiring.

One can never be too overdressed ... 

I own a velvet jacket, a tweed blazer, a ridiculously long patch scarf (okay, that one is Who merch) and a few things with ruffles on. I love a good dress up and I can't help but think my inspiration on some occasions has been slightly influenced! Dressing up is brilliant, even if all you end up doing that day is running around your own home with a sonic screwdriver calling everything 'sweetie' - time for the cosplay photo!

I love this dress SO MUCH & will take any excuse to wear it. 
There's a Kate Spade quote which reads "I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends". Right on, Kate. Right on.

Leading nicely to ... 

...or too overeducated

Doctor Who is proof that watching TV can make you smarter. I read physics books for fun now. FOR FUN. Somewhere right now my two physics teachers are killing themselves with laughter. I was awful at physics at school, I had a run of really dull physics teachers and I can't learn unless I'm inspired! I'd have nailed that subject if Richard Feynman was teaching me. If anyone does happen to find a TARDIS can you take me back to one of his lectures? Thanks.

Just some light bedtime reading *brain explodes*

Fandoms are AWESOME

I wrote about this on my post about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who last year, this show has lead to me meeting some amazing people, like AMAZING people. People all over the world too! People who I actually have more in common with than just this show too. How awesome? It's been a catalyst for conversations and has helped me make entirely new friendships. Fantastic. Two of my friends met due to my Doctor Who passion, they're now in a relationship and live together! Don't tell me this show isn't awesome -  it's helped people meet and fall in love!

Doctor Who is a dangerous addiction that could financially break you

My Shelf of Geek is an affectionate name that I give to the little shelf above my stairwell where I keep all my Titan figures. What's that now? You can see tiny Doctors* on there too? Forbidden Planet was selling them for 99p at the tills, they are pushers, PUSHERS I TELL YOU!

Am I out of control?

I've recently had to clear out another shelf for my Doctor Who dvds and books. Yes, I'm now having to move things around in my house due to my merchandise habit.

(*Tiny 8th Doctor has now been sent on to someone who almost had an embolism when they realised I had him, as it was needed to complete  their collection. I love my fandom so much that I will even share my toys.)

And just to compound things further, open my satchel on any given day and you will find three items of Doctor Who merchandise in there (and that's a bare minimum); a phone case, an Oyster card holder and a keyring. 

Hey Alex! Your nerd is showing!
So as much as I do have a slight addiction to dvds and merchandise (admitting is the first step, right?), I've discovered amazing things in my home borough, met life-changing people, improved my knowledge of physics, appreciated the fear that comes with the attempt at dying a very expensive dress the right shade of green for cosplay and realised that it doesn't have to be so bad being a woman in a man's world (in fact it can be pretty awesome).

All that from one tv show. That's some good learning. I'd give myself an A+ for effort.
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