Another Month Bites the Dust

Hey April, where d'ya go?

It's no secret that I loathe winter in the northern hemisphere, so when spring comes thundering in like an excited bunny I'm full of the joys. FULL OF THEM.

Therefore I always feel a bit cheated when the nice spring months start whizzing by. The daffodils have been and gone, the bluebells only have a good week left in them, then I guess we're making serious summer headway!

I've spent April trying to get my act together. I've spent three months out of the gym, with no real routine or focus to a lot of my life. There hits a point where you just stop and think 'what the hell am I doing with myself wasting all this time on nothing?' . I had to stop, sit down and try to get my head back in some sort of order.

I recently learned of the Feynman Problem-Solving Algorithm, which was supposedly coined in jest about Richard's creative approach to solving incredibly complex problems. It goes like this: 

1. Write down the problem
3. Write down the answer

I thought really hard, you guys. ;)

I restarted weightlifting, started on a cut calorie-wise:

And following some lovely advice, gentle nudges and cheerleader level of support from my nearest and dearest, I've finally made a start on writing my book.

This is going to be such a labour of love, but it's something I'm so passionate about and every passing day that I spend online makes me want to write this book. So I'm getting on with it. I've invested in a beaut of a keyboard for my iPad, so I can work wherever I go. More about that as the year progresses. 

Other cool things from this month:  I spent Easter Sunday in the Science Museum at the Collider exhibition

That was fun. I don't pretend to know anything about particle physics, but I'm SO interested in the work they're doing at CERN, this was a really nice, digestible way to understand what they're doing a little more. They have this huge, curving screen room, which projects an image of the protons going in, being whizzed around by the magnets and then boshed together (a very scientific term there, Alex) which was so amazing to watch that I did so three times. That's some clever stuff, and they made it look pretty. 

I had my trip to the North, which I wrote about here and last weekend I went to Bristol to meet up with my lovely friend Rachel for a long-overdue catch up. Bristol is a nice middle-ground for us both, so neither of us had to do loads of travelling and it's a place I've never been to so I was happy to make the journey to spend some time with my dear friend. We had cocktails, lunch, wine and gossip down by the marina.

I've lots more plans lined up for May, this year just keeps getting better, long may my adventures continue! 

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