Catching up

Readers, I have been ALL OVER THE PLACE in recent weeks, so here's a quick update.

I've been raiding charity shops again. Never one to miss out on a bargain and I love, LOVE the Fara shops in West London, I picked up a couple of bargains. These were 90p and £2.70! The skirt is a long, swishy 1990's Laura Ashley maxi skirt. It's awesome!

I revived the 1990's with a trip to Primark by buying a demin shirt. I really should have just kept all the ones I wore in 1994, shouldn't I?

I went to Hull for the weekend for some much needed gossip therapy with my best friend. We had a great Friday night on the fizz having a catch up followed by a crazy Eurovision drinking game before we went out on the Saturday night, I think I sweated out vodka for the following 2 days.

I paid it forward by giving the Fara shop a bag of books and a bag of clothes and shoes:

NERD ALERT! My TARDIS  faux-Converse arrived and they're SO PRETTY: 

I've been drinking a lot of smoothies with spirulina in, I've started getting hayfever symptoms, so I'm trying to fight it the natural way as opposed to filling my body with medications (can you tell I've been reading Ben Goldacre books? Go watch his TED Talks, they're some of the best science ones I've seen - and yes, he does talk that fast live, I've been to one of his talks.)

I've created a gym schedule for the next few months, which means I should be getting my backside through those doors 2-3 times a week again.

And I finally gave in and bought some of the fancy-pants raw vegan protein powder that everyone tells me I should be spending my money on: 

... and they were right, it's gorgeous. I'm converted. Those vegans really do know what they're on about when it comes to dairy-free stuff. 

Sorry it's word-light and photo-heavy this week, I'll write more when I'm a little less busy, I promise! 
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  1. Those are some great charity shop finds, and the trainers are awesome! I'm need to order some more Sun Warrior, it really is the best one!

    1. There are some brilliant charity shops in West London, I prefer them to the high street! The LA skirt is my new favourite thing. :)

      You were right, Sunwarrior is definitely the best for my dietary situation, I will be buying the vanilla one next.