Gym Joy

It's been a gym-focused couple of weeks in the land of Lexi.

Last week was a VERY active week!

I had a few months off the gym at the start of the year, primarily this hiatus was caused by the inevitable January flash-mob that all gyms suffer courtesy of post-Christmas food guilt, and I can't work out in a jam-packed gym. I just can't; there's too much visual noise for me to maintain a focus. It usually calms down around mid-February, but I still wasn't really feeling like my old gym-bunny self, so I froze my membership.

No, YOU go to the gym. I'm staying here. (source)

I unfroze (thawed, gyms, that's the term you need to use!) my membership over the Easter weekend and decided to ease myself back into a routine slowly. And boy, I went sloooooooowly. But everyone has to (re) start somewhere!

Speaking of frozen ... frozen chocolate protein shakes are awesome. 

The two weeks ago, it clicked. My motivation came back, I created a gym schedule and have been sticking to it - even on the weeks when I've scheduled 4 (FOUR!) sessions in (masochist!).


I know a lot of this is due to the time of year, lighter evenings make the gym easier work for me, it makes such a difference when you can finish work, go to the gym, come home to cook dinner and it's STILL light outside. I freakin' love summertime. 

Summer also makes me obsessed with photographing clouds

Admittedly, I do have other motivations. I want to fit nicely into all my retro dresses this summer, I want to feel good about myself, I want to look nice when I stand next to Paul McGann at Comic Con ... 

The face of a happy nerd

... and as I'm in the planning process for an adventure later in the summer, I want to work hard now so that I can have some time off then and not feel guilty for it. It's all about balance, yo.

The important thing is that I'm enjoying all my work in the gym. I don't feel like I'm forcing myself in there at the moment, the aches the next day don't feel too bad and I'm getting a big kick out of challenging myself every session. This is what it should always feel like! I really hope my gym joy continues. 

And finally, I posted this on my personal Facebook yesterday, as it's a year since I got my first shiny medal for running:

Comedy is my cardio should definitely go on a tshirt

I will be having a couple of gins on Sunday night whilst in the theatre in honour of everyone who is running the BUPA London 10km this Sunday. You'll have a blast, I promise.

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  1. OMG Comic con, they had a little one in Newcastle which I just found out about at the last minute or else I would have been there with bells on. The health geek side of me is looking forward to using my fitbit and HRM again, although its going to be a while!

    1. This will be my first convention, so I am VERY excited!

      I know everyone has different opinions when it comes to HRMs and Fitbits and stuff like that, but I love my Fitbit and find it really motivating.