Here Comes Summer

Summer Solstice always has the potential to make me go a bit funny. It's all tied into my seasonal affective whatnots as it's the longest day of the year - maximum daylight. I accept that most people would be loving that day but to me I always see it as the turning point of the year, the days start getting shorter and not to be too Game of Thrones about it, but winter is coming

I know this is ridiculous but it's hard to change a mindset when you're stuck in it, however as I've been making a huge effort this year to change some of my thought patterns (hence all the motivational stickies around me that I've talked about before) I recognised that this really needed a better perspective.

So, you know what? Here's my new perspective: 

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Kitchen Science: Making Water Kefir

If there's something I can do in the kitchen which makes me feel like a scientist, then I am all over it. If there's something I can consume that will make my digestive system behave itself, then I'm all over it. If I can find something which combines the two? JACKPOT BABY.

Last week I embarked on making water kefir.

Dubious pouty face alert! 

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Do this Don't: Buy Crocs

A friend came to visit me at the weekend, which usually means she winds up watching me impulse purchase my way around central London. For this visit I had a plan, I even Whatsapp'd her about it a week earlier:

"Brave yourself; next weekend we're going to Covent Garden to buy Crocs."

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Away with you, May!

It happened again, didn't it? The month just vanished before our eyes! But it's June which means it's officially summer time! :D

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