Away with you, May!

It happened again, didn't it? The month just vanished before our eyes! But it's June which means it's officially summer time! :D

We briefly had some sunshine, well, enough for me to get sunburned anyway (I appreciate this doesn't take much):

This is why I need SPF Nuclear Bunker

I did a lot of raw 'baking' during the month. It can be a massive pain in the ass trying to find dairy-free treats in stores and, if I'm being perfectly honest, none of them ever match up to the recipes that I've found online and make myself. Plus raw stuff is always better than all the processed stuff, and it takes no time at all to make! 

This month I've made batches of Laura's Raw Millionaires Shortbread:

and her Faux Nutella Bars

The Shortbread I've made MANY times, and every time it's incredible, it's such a good recipe. You can mix the 'caramel' layer with any combo of nut butters, my favourite is almond, peanut and coconut. The 'Nutella' bars were a new recipe and they taste even better than 'real' Nutella as far as I'm concerned.

Next up, I'll be trying her Raw Salted Caramel Cups for sure! 

Remember I posted about my gym schedule? I stuck to it for the whole of May - 10* completed gym sessions, I'm really pleased with myself.

It's hit the point now where my gym aches are barely noticeable, which I love because it means I'm finally back in the swing and then consistency is key!

(*I had one session off when I caught a cold, I was supposed to do 11)

I went to the theatre to see one of my favourite comedians record his podcast:

(and I even got to ask him a question on the podcast, which he answered in a wonderful way!)

I met some of my lovely girlfriends for some drinks, look at this rather dashing G&T! 

Tanqueray have started doing tea infusions, so you have gin, an infused teabag and tonic in a glass. I tried a coriander one and a liquorice one - both were incredible! 

I introduced my mum to the charity shops of Chiswick when she came to visit and found some more bargains. My favourite is this sea green Warehouse dress, which still had tags on (saying it cost £50) in the Oxfam shop for £16! Now that is a bargain. 

June is looking like a very sociable month for me, lots of friends to catch up with, so next months round-up will be food photo heavy!

One last set of photos. I've taken to writing little motivational quotes on stickies and putting them all over my desk space at work (my boss really is very tolerant of my strange habits) and they make me smile so much every morning.

I post them on Instagram too, so if silly motivational quotes are your thing (along with many photos of food, Doctor Who tat and eyeliner-heavy selfies) I'm your girl.

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  1. Chuffed to bits you like those recipes! Great bargain with that dress, it's gorgeous! Very much like the sound of that gin as well, looking forward to the day when I can have a tipple again :-)

    1. I'm hitting the point where I always have a stash of the shortbread somewhere in my freezer. I LOVE it!

  2. This month really has gone way too quick, hasn't it.
    I love that dress too :)

  3. May really did fly by! Im hoping we'll have more sunshine this month!
    Hell of a bargain with the dress, I must start scouting charity shops more! xx