Do this Don't: Buy Crocs

A friend came to visit me at the weekend, which usually means she winds up watching me impulse purchase my way around central London. For this visit I had a plan, I even Whatsapp'd her about it a week earlier:

"Brave yourself; next weekend we're going to Covent Garden to buy Crocs."

It was a bit of a message-bomb, but I did explain myself to her moments later before she was convinced I'd lost my marbles entirely.

Are we all aware of Crocs? Or as I call them 'the ugliest effin footwear that I've ever seen'? They're the things that look like plastic clogs, with airholes, and no self-respect. UGH. I feel a bit sickie just looking for photos of them online.


I know people who wear them love them and tell me with endearing honesty that they're sooooo comfortable but, and yes I'm going to say it, I can not put anything that ugly near my feet, and I'm not too keen on my feet, let me tell you. Don't get me started on the design issues that I have - the front of my feet is covered but the heel is exposed? WHAT? This is madness. Get out of my sight.

The Telegraph article where I sourced that picture from talks about Crocs having a bit of a turnaround after having new designs added to their collection. SRSLY. That's a fashion page from a British newspaper. Still not interested? Nah, me neither. 

Then one Sunday morning midst coffee and pancakes, glued to my iPad reading my Bible -  xoJane - I saw this article helpfully titled The best cute (and comfortable) sandals for walking around all damn day and promptly fell into a haze of dreamy pretty colour sandal lust. 


Wait! Those are Crocs? Whut?

As someone spends their life on their feet (commute, shopping, cardio - the whole shebang) I need something hardcore on my feet. I wear through Converse in 12 months (I can get 24 months out of them if I rotate a few pairs) and in the summer it can be a nightmare to find  sandal shoe things which are functional (necessary) and pretty (also necessary - don't care what you say). I converted to FitFlops 5 years ago, I've worn through my trusty pink ones, leaving only my sequinned silver ones to survive another summer (which I found for half price at TK MAXX 2 years ago). But, as the woman who gets through shoes quicker than I do peanut butter (life achievement unlocked) I needed a new pair to add to the summer sandal rotation cycle.

Behold my new Crocs.

Crocs Huarache
Huarache Flats in Geranium - £34.99

Okay, I'll admit I was lured in first by the colours, but these are some seriously comfy sandals. They feel like slippers and have big hardcore soles which will withstand the 6 miles a per day that I will be putting them through. 

Always one to insist that one good turn deserves another, I bought another style whilst I was in the store and in the mood: 

Crocs Huarache
Huarache Flips in Island Green - £29.99

I love wearing flip flops so much in summer. I spend my entire life at home barefoot (unless it's winter, then give me the biggest fluffiest boot slipper things ever) and in the summer if I could walk the streets of London barefoot then I would do. I won't, because yanno, London. As much as I think my feet are ugly little buggers, I will happily get them out all summer long as I like them to feel cool. Sadly flip flops can be very unkind to feet when worn for hours / miles. They love ripping your feet open, the strap punishes your pinky toe, god help if you have a high arch (as I do) when you wear them for too long and, most importantly, with heavy wear they will break. Fast. Almost instantaneously if you made the mistake of buying the super cheap ones (hello Primark). If I can wear things that feel cool, look pretty, withstand my daily commute and not rip my feet open then I'm on to a winner. These little flips (and flats, for that matter) tick every box. Pretty, comfy and functional, which is all I ever really need in life. 

As much as it pained me to walk around central London (10 miles covered that day, in case you were wondering) with this bag, I started feeling it was more like a badge of honour. Don't judge the bag, you've no idea what beauty lies within YOU FOOLS!


You can judge my feet though, they're not the prettiest sight. But the sandals provide an effective distraction.

My pinky toes are soooooo happy right now :)

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  1. I used to be a big Croc fan. Now I won't even mention the name. I know they make other types of shoes that are less hideous now. A friend is always sending me links. But I am afraid to be anywhere near a Croc now.

    1. I was so taken with the new designs, I was almost tempted to buy some wedge sandals too as they looked so comfortable. They've done good work on redoing their brand with some style, now they just need to market the shit out of it!

  2. They look much nicer than the original ones and the colours are really cool but they look a bit too big for you :s

    1. They're really not. I tried to squeeze my feet into a 6 to no avail, the 7's were a perfect fit.