Here Comes Summer

Summer Solstice always has the potential to make me go a bit funny. It's all tied into my seasonal affective whatnots as it's the longest day of the year - maximum daylight. I accept that most people would be loving that day but to me I always see it as the turning point of the year, the days start getting shorter and not to be too Game of Thrones about it, but winter is coming

I know this is ridiculous but it's hard to change a mindset when you're stuck in it, however as I've been making a huge effort this year to change some of my thought patterns (hence all the motivational stickies around me that I've talked about before) I recognised that this really needed a better perspective.

So, you know what? Here's my new perspective: 

I'm seeing this solstice as the start of summer 2014, and what a summer I have ahead! I started 2014 with hopes it would be a good year this year and looking ahead, it's looking like one of my best so far.

I celebrated the start of summer with a trip to Hanwell Carnival: 

I usually miss this carnival every year because it's usually a weekend earlier, which clashes with my mum's birthday, I've no idea why it was later this year but I'm pleased it was!

It was a gorgeous, hot, summer day. I was covered in SPF 50+ and I had beer and turkish delight for lunch (nutrition like a boss!), it was the perfect day to show off the start of summer.

I dressed with lots of colour (and all the eyeliner, as standard!) 

The rest of June has been very gym focussed for me. Let it be said that when I set myself a challenge, I stick to it, meet it and will even work really hard to beat it! There's no greater competition in my life than myself, I know that and I'm trying to use it to my advantage.

My gym schedule calendar is the most motivational tool I own right now. Giving those dates a red check-off after every session feels so amazing and makes me not want to miss a date. I'd crossed one date out on the calendar as I had plans, but sadly they got cancelled, so that date got reinstated and checked off too. I'm in a very determined place right now and it's paying off; physically I'm feeling fitter than I have in two years, I've lost a little weight but most importantly I feel bloody wonderful - to me it's worth all the effort for those words alone.

While I was in Whole Foods at the start of the month, I spotted that they've started selling Sunwarrior protein powder in there (which I LOVE so much) but when I checked how much they charge for a kilo - £44.99! Mother of Pearl, you've got to be kidding me. I thought £27.99 on Amazon was a little pricey, that's been re-evaluated in my head! I wish good vegan protein powders were easier to find in the UK, that might stop such outrageous pricing. 

Also in June:

It was the last time we'll see the ISS in the UK skies until August. We had a lot of cloud for many of the nights, but as soon as they cleared off I was outside and waving at cosmonauts once again. The photo above was one of the best I took and one of the clearest nights, if you disregard all the sky trails from the Heathrow planes.

A very strange thing has happened this month, my hayfever has failed to materialise. Now, back in April/May I assumed I was just having a late onset, but now it's almost July and it's still not here. I know the water kefir that I'm drinking a few days a week can help with the symptoms of hayfever, but it has failed to make a guest appearance for 3 months now. I can't help but think that adhering to my dairy exclusion has meant my immune system is a lot stronger and I'm no longer having as many allergy issues. Whatever it is, I'm delighted but I would like to find out what is responsible so that I can keep doing it!

So, summer is here. I've updated my photo in the sidebar to show off my epic blonde summer hair (I love being a natural blonde in the summer for this very reason) and July is another exciting month. I've got an amazing comedy event to look forward to, a wedding and - most importantly - COMIC CON!

A summer has never looked better :)

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