YouTube: My Favourite Beauty Products

Hello readers, Friday means blog post day - so happy Friday!

I'd promised to myself that I'd make this video for months, so here is the definitive edition of my favourite / essential daily beauty products.

It's a long video so please get very comfortable, I prattle on for a good 17 minutes, despite me thinking myself as a beauty minimalist, it appears that there's a lot of things that I use! I talk fast too, so I hope you can keep up!

I've been helping a friend get his YouTube channel set up over the last month and  through him it's made me realise how much I've invested my time in my channel. I've been making videos for a good few years now and I love making videos, I've never found it difficult talking to the camera, I guess once an actress, always an actress. I should really make use of my performance skills more!

My videos are something that I hope will evolve as my tech does this year, so one day I might start to look a little more professional and less hobbyist but for now, it's all good fun and makes a nice change from writing.

I try to find time every week to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, but as I've got so many it can be difficult to cram them all into a couple of hours over the weekend, I think I need to manage my YouTube time better.

With that in mind, here's a couple of other beauty videos that I found on YouTube in the last month:

Lauren Conrad doing a really simple tutorial about everyday hair curls: 

Ashley Chisholm talking about her (amazing) weight loss: 

And I'll see y'all next week, enjoy the weekend! 
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