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Admin is fiercely boring but entirely necessary. My apologies if this is a very disjointed post, I'm just trying to catch up on everything I've missed out on during the last month.

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Admin in my pyjamas. The glamour never ceases. 
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Forgive me blog, for I am waaaaaay behind with my writing. It's been a chaotic few weeks.

I've had the busiest two weeks at my day job ever, some nights I was so tired I was ready to go to bed at 9pm, I knew it wasn't forever, so I ploughed on through. 

After that period was over I was ready to relax and take care of myself more, so I managed to make my monthly YouTube video:

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A Hard Day's Nerd

I'm going to level with you, readers; I don't have a specific topic in mind to write about this week, nor have a made a YouTube video yet for this month. I'm going to nerd out on you instead with some photos that I've taken around London and a few things I've purchased over the last week.

First up, at the weekend I had a trip to Orbital Comics and Forbidden Planet:

Orbital Comics London

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