A Hard Day's Nerd

I'm going to level with you, readers; I don't have a specific topic in mind to write about this week, nor have a made a YouTube video yet for this month. I'm going to nerd out on you instead with some photos that I've taken around London and a few things I've purchased over the last week.

First up, at the weekend I had a trip to Orbital Comics and Forbidden Planet:

Orbital Comics London

Forbidden Planet London

Probably the two stores I visit most as they're quite close to each other (but I have been known to stray up to Gosh! in Holborn when necessary, which is an awesome little store). 

FP were having a Batman promotion day, which meant free comics (hurray!) and for maximum childhood reminiscence I bought bubblegum too:

Batman Bubblegum

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Tshirt
Yep, I've still got it

I spotted a Doctor Who tshirt that I wanted, as they were marked as '2 for £30' I picked up another. Now I have a Capaldi one to wear on the 23rd as I watch the first episode of series 8. Such an event requires it's own shirt. Yes it does.

It's been a bit of a Who heavy week, as there was the first interview with Peter Capaldi in the Sunday Times last week, which had this fantastic photo to accompany it: 

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Sunday Times
source: The Sunday Times Magazine

The interview is now online (click either of those links) and it's worth a read, it got me even more excited about the new series and reading about the passion Peter is putting into the show and the character makes me firmly believe that he is the right man for the job.

I also ordered the Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition boxset on blu-ray (didn't I tell you this would happen as soon as I bought that player? ALL THE BLU-RAYS PLEASE!)

And purchased tickets for the Doctor Who Symphonic in May 2015. I've bought tickets to Leeds instead of London (as I hate Wembley as a venue for music) which means it'll be my first visit to the First Direct Arena and I'll be able to combine it with a trip to see my folks. Top notch work. 

Finally, just because it excites the crap out of me, I wanted to share some snaps of my Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery boxset:

Twin Peaks Missing Pieces Entire Mystery Fire Walk With Me

I haven't even put a disc in my player but I'm so enamored with this set. It's beautiful, it captures the spirit of the contents perfectly and is something every fan of the series is going to want to own. I cannot wait to start watching it! 

Sorry it's more photos than words this week, but I hope you've enjoyed having a bit of an insight into my weekend! 

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  1. The Leeds Arena is fantastic - really good venue for live music. Like, REALLY good. Where are you sitting?

  2. I'm thoroughly jealous of all of your adventures (ermahgerd, the McGann cover) -- and especially the ones to come! Also your tags are cracking me up. :D -- Which is why I've nominated for the Liebster Award, because of your general coolness. My post about it is here, so take a look if it's to your fancy and let me know if you do it!

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan