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Admin is fiercely boring but entirely necessary. My apologies if this is a very disjointed post, I'm just trying to catch up on everything I've missed out on during the last month.

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Admin in my pyjamas. The glamour never ceases. 

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A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me, but I just missed out on a place in the final 8. The 3 winners were very well deserved though and despite getting no further in the competition it did wonders for my confidence. A few years ago I would have passed out at the thought of considering being photographed in my underwear so I'm really proud of my willingness to put myself out there for this competition. It's made me realise I'm a lot more confident in myself than I thought I was - something I will be building on for future projects. It was a great use of my time, regardless of the outcome.

Next up, food.  It's been a testing month for my tummy but before I got sick I discovered so many lovely new things to add to my kitchen arsenal.

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  • My beloved Dark Chocolate Dreams. I've taken to buying this VERY infrequently as I am seriously addicted to it. But when in Whole Foods, do as the addicts do.
  • Mojito Soleros. Frankly anything which evens up the dairy-free frozen treat score is a winner for me, and they contain rum.
  • Biscoff Lotus Caramel Biscuit Spread. OH MY DAYS this stuff is incredible. It's my come-home-from-work-treat on a crunchy green apple. Heaven. 
  • Trek Protein Flapjacks. Still the best on-the-go breakfast ever. 
  • Cheerios. Not only am I processed cereal junkie, I'm also the person who mixes varieties up in a cereal container. Regular, honey and chocolate Cheerios in one bowl? Oh you betcha. 
  • Vita Coco. Coconut water has been a good friend during tummy virus dehydration periods, I discovered one little carton fills an ice cube tray (great for smoothies) and I just discovered their lemonade flavour coconut water too - which tastes exactly like fresh cloudy lemonade, but without all the sugar.
  • I've rekindled my love for porridge in recent weeks, evil virus made my tummy feel SO cold, porridge was the only thing that made it feel cosy, warm and happy. 
  • Rebel Kitchen Choco Coconut Mylk. Yes, I'm an adult that still gets excited about chocolate milk  - simply because dairy free versions were none existent until a short while ago, now they're everywhere! 

In other spending news, I treated myself to a shopping binge in Marks & Spencer for pretty underwear.

Marks & Spencer Love Life Lexi

I always go back to M&S. I have the odd dalliance with Victoria's Secret but always return home to my beloved. I love the range of colours and fabrics that they use. They're sizing is usually pretty good for me too, I rarely have to go further out that a cup size to get the right fit of bra.

I finally broke out my replacement Wonder Woman Converse. I bought my first pair (left) 2 years ago and my spare pair (right) a year ago. Being a devoted pedestrian means I wear through all footwear very fast, so the more I have to rotate, the better (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). I wear my old ones solely for the gym now, as they're ripped, so my new ones got broken out, yellow laces added and are now in rotation. Look how clean they look!

Wonder Woman Converse Love Life Lexi

I don't think I ever showed off my phone cover. This was sent to me by Mr. Nutcase who allowed me to design my own case in an exchange for a review. 

Custom Design Case Doctor Who Love Life Lexi

I usually buy my phone cases from eBay (as it's a hotbed for Doctor Who cases) as custom phone cases websites usually feel like a bit too much hard work. This one was really easy though. Once I knew what design I wanted I simply worked out how many photos I'd need, saved them to my desktop, uploaded and arranged them on the website into the format I liked. It was really easy and arrived on my doorstep within 5 days. Great product, great website, great service. As you can see I have many priorities in life; alcohol, my granny's china, Converse, my favourite motivational statement and a certain Lord of Time.

I also realised late this week that this blog is one year old. Which means I've officially been writing blogs for over 4.5 years now. As much as I put my heart and soul into my old blog I'm really pleased I made the switch over to a general lifestyle blog, integrated my YouTube videos and all the other aspects of my life that I love; I feel like my writing has grown up with me in the last few years and without doing all this I would never have felt confident enough to sit down and write a book (that's a work in progress - I knew it would be long task which requires commitment, but gosh, it requires serious discipline and inspiration!). So happy birthday the Lexi Blog; here's to another year of living life to the full, taking many selfies and then trying to write it up in a coherent manner! I'm grateful to anyone who reads my work and some of you even tell me I'm good at this, which is such a lovely compliment, so thank you very much. 

I think that's all my admin done and dusted, so that means I'm free to go on holiday! I'll be back in a few weeks, don't forget to watch Doctor Who this weekend and be sure you come on to Twitter and talk to me about it if you do. 

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  1. Love the mojito Soleros, and love the blog too :)