Autumn Arrives

It's officially September when Eccleston appears on my calendar ... 

Chris Eccleston Doctor Who Calendar September 2014

... and conkers fill the ground in the parks.

Conkers to stop spider invasions
I have a mason jar full of these ready to decant around the house - spider prevention

As I write we're over halfway through September. I was telling my friend in Chicago that I always get a bit twitchy for the start of September; the years of programming me to get ready to go 'back to school' still haven't worn off, and September 12th was my work birthday - I always seem to start new things for autumn, it must be the change of season and preparing for winter which sends me into a planning frenzy. Thankfully, being away for the end of August and start of September seems to have eliminated that problem for this year so far.

I've had a lot of people ask me what I missed the most whilst in the US. Well, to be perfectly honest, tea was my biggest issue. Next time, someone remind me to pack my beloved Twinings. 

Twinings Decaf Everyday Tea

The Beatles Abbey Road Tea

I feel I've swamped you with my tourist snaps (I might throw a couple more in for good measure at the end of this post) so here's a few non-tourist related photos from my trip:

Vega Choc-a-lot Protein Smoothie Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan protein powder is so easy to come by in the US, this bag of Vega was just picked up in Walgreens (which is kinda like the US version of Boots) for $16. I'm yet to try it but I've heard so many people say good things about this powder that I had to give it a try. As of yet I've not got back in to the gym, mostly due to not having any gym pants to work out in (my thighs destroyed my last two pairs at the start of August, so I'm waiting for a delivery of new clothes before I can get back in there).

When in the US, it is your duty as a consumer to take advantage of the stores that we don't have in the UK: 

Sephora Chicago

More about what's in this bag in my September YouTube video. We need to talk about my hair too. 

Anyone who spends any time with me will know how much I love galleries and museums (and that they make me very emotional), these were the souvenirs that I bought from the Art Institute of Chicago. I love to buy keepsakes of my favourite pieces that I see, these 4 were my winners from this gallery: 

Magritte, Hopper, Seurat, Van Gogh Art Institute of Chicago
Magritte, Hopper, Seurat and Van Gogh *sigh*

When I (finally, resentfully, with a very pouty look on my face) did get back to the UK, I came home to something very nice: 

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Blu Ray
Doctor Who and lounge pants. Few things in life make me happier.

Ahhh, my second ever blu-ray boxset. I'm yet to watch any of this, I want to save it for deep, dark, gloomy winter. I'm also addicted to re-watching all the latest epiosdes of Doctor Who at the moment because Capaldi is knocking it out of the ballpark every week so far. I think he's magnificent in the role.

I know I didn't get back into the UK until September was well underway and that it took me a week to find my footing and feel like myself in my routine again, but I can't believe how quickly September is passing by. I've been trying to make plans with friends in October and November and already diaries are full, I'm a bit alarmed how it's going to be December and 2015 before I know it.

I have to address the jet lag; I seemed to get it both ways this time. It took me 5 days to sleep through until a sensible hour when I was in Chicago and it's taken me the same on my return to London. I'm starting to think that the old theory of one day of tiredness for every hour of time zone difference might actually be correct. I tried everything to get my body to co-operate; I cut out caffeine, ate light meals at set times, avoided disco naps, went straight back to work to try and get my routine up and running, walked every day - NOPE. Nothing. The only things that did work were time and wine (and yes, someone has already made the 'timey-winey' joke), I think it was so severe this time as I was so excited to get there and so sad when my time there was over; I feel like I experienced physical and emotional jet leg from Chicago. 

Hard not to when you had views like this everyday (last lot of smug photos, I promise!)

Kilpatrick and Grace Chicago
My neighbourhood

Cloud Gate Chicago
Cloud Gate

Sunset Skyline Navy Pier Chicago
Skyline Sunset from the Pier

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