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One of my work colleagues is on a great emailing list. She gets a notification every time there's a clothes store 'session sale' at Chiswick Town Hall. I know she's gone to a few of these in the past but I've never been that interested. When she asked me if I'd like to go to one a couple of weeks back I was 1) jet lagged and 2) full of post-holiday blues, but 3) I had left over holiday money, 4) it was a Phase Eight event, and 5) I needed some other kind of distraction as all I'd done for 4 days by that point was put chocolate or blueberry muffins in my mouth. 

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I own one Phase Eight dress, which I bought in a sale and I bought it because it was the one I was given to wear for this photoshoot when I was selected as a Healthy Hero by Healthy Magazine a couple of years back: 

Alex Marshall Healthy Hero Love Life Lexi Blogspot
Strike a pose!

I've never been a massive Phase Eight fan, but as it was only £2 for entrance fee and we agreed to go for a glass of wine and a gossip afterwards, so I figured it was worth a look. 

A few of the girls from the office went along and we all got well into the spirit very quickly; scouring the rails for things which might be suitable, trying everything on in the make-shift changing room, asking each other for opinions on items, trying each others cast offs, the lot. It was a hilarious version of team bonding, and I managed to find some exceptional bargains.

Everything has a set price in the sale regardless of the original price on the tags; dresses are £25, tops are £20, accessories are £5 or £10 and so on. £80 got me two dresses (both originally £90 each)

Love Life Lexi Phase Eight Black Dress

Love Life Lexi Phase Eight Flower Dress

A blouse (originally £70)

Love Life Lexi Phase Eight Teal Blouse

and two statement necklaces (originally £20 each)

Love Life Lexi Phase Eight Statement Necklaces

That's the office Christmas party dress sorted for this year! 

I mentioned in a previous post about my epic thighs destroying my last two pairs of gym pants (the perils of having thick thighs) so I decided to pick up a few pairs of 3/4 leggings in the Sports Direct sale.

Love Life Lexi Nike

Love Life Lexi USA Pro Leggings

The Nikes were £22 and the USA Pro leggings were £10 each. Gotta be honest, the leggings are brilliant value for money. They fit perfectly and feel really comfy. Damn it, there goes my 'no exercise' excuse!

Finally, I had a wander around West Ealing a couple of weekends back. I've never done the charity shops in West Ealing before but quickly discovered their niche - books. Some of the shops are like libraries. I walked into the British Heart Foundation shop and saw this jumper and book looking right at me:

Love Life Lexi British Heart Foundation

It's almost a Christmas jumper, right? When I was in Chicago I was talking to people about Christmas in different countries and how the traditions we all do are different (as at the other side of the world to me in December it is burning hot, whilst I'm under three layers and warming myself up on a Winter Pimm's) and I mentioned that I wanted new Christmas jumpers this year. I felt like seeing this by the door was fate. I'm not entirely happy with myself for buying something so festive in September, but these things happen. Next I want some tartan leggings. I will look so bright and ridiculous this winter. The Michael Palin book was a bargain at £2.29 and as I've recently rewatched all of Monty Python's Flying Circus it seemed like the perfect companion read.

I feel I'm done with clothes shopping for a while again now. Hard to believe I'm going to be getting all my jumpers and coats out of storage soon ... 
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