Woah. Eleven's here already. I'll need a new calendar soon!

Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor Who Calendar November

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London Film & Comic Con Winter

After my first experience at London Film & Comic Con this summer, I couldn't resist a trip to the Winter event.

London Film and Comic Con Winter Ticket

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Seasonal Sales, Sunrises and Sunsets

There aren't many good things about the end of summer. Well, the wasps die and the leaves on the trees go a pretty colour ... and I'm out.

Autumn colours London

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How I Quit Caffeine & Didn't Lose My Sanity

In August this year I embarked on a bit of a detox. Well, that was my intention, instead I caught a tummy virus and had an enforced detox, which I can assure you is even less fun than a regular detox.

The idea behind my detox was to eliminate caffeine, as I'm pretty addicted to the stuff, and try to survive without it. I quit caffeine a few years ago for about 4 months and found it really easy, surely I could do that again, right? Right?!

Just another manic Monday ...

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Incoming October

Wait, we're ten months in already? How did that happen?

Doctor Who Tenth David Tennant #youlooklikeroblloyd

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