Woah. Eleven's here already. I'll need a new calendar soon!

Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor Who Calendar November

This month has been so busy. My best friend came to visit for a weekend, which meant lots of nice food, pink fizz, walks down the Southbank and a trip to visit Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes Baker Street London

I went to see Caro Emerald after a really long wait and she didn't disappoint! (more about this at a later date) and I finished the month with two, yes TWO conventions (more about MCM in a later post).

London Film & Comic Con Winter 2014

MCM London Comic Con 2014

This month I've been trying really hard to get my eats in order. Autumn has sent my appetite into overdrive so I've been trying to deal with this by eating lots of protein-rich foods that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I've gained weight since I got back from Chicago, so I've got a good month ahead of reeling myself back in to try to lose the gain. 

Spanish Tortilla
Spanish Tortilla with Baby Spinach

Look What We Found Chili, rice, avocado
Chili, wholegrain rice and avocado
PB & J on toast breakfast of champions
PB & J toast for breakfasts

I can't stop thinking about making a great big cassoulet to eat with lots of crusty bread. It's definitely heading towards winter when I'm daydreaming about getting the casserole dish out. That said, we've had the mildest October for years - today is supposed to be the warmest Halloween on record for the UK, it's forecasted to be 20 degrees in London! I feel so bad for getting a kick out of global warming, but being able to walk around every day outside with just a cardigan on for warmth has been lovely.

Autumn Leaves London

We really need to talk about Vega Protein Smoothies too.

Vega Protein Smoothies Chocolate Vanilla UK

Oh this guy.

I wish I'd known this was the dream vegan protein shake when I was in the US, I would have bought more (well, I would have worn more clothes to the airport to make more room for packets of them in my luggage). What cost me £10 in the US costs me £18 here. Damn you UK and your lack of vegan protein powders! It is the only shake I can mix with just water and it tastes amazing. Some mornings I've been making up the chocolate one with water and a spoonful of coconut milk yogurt and, holy kittens, it's rich. Throw some frozen dark cherries in there and you have dessert. Sorry Sunwarrior, you have been usurped as the best vegan protein powder on the market. I wish Vega was cheaper but I'm going to use it as my 'treat' protein powder.

Forcing myself back into an exercise routine this month has been a challenge. I hate having to force myself to do anything, I like to wait for my willingness to appear (it does eventually, I swear!). I forced one gym session and didn't enjoy it, so I decided to just sit it out and wait for my desire to exercise return. It did and now I'm back in my routine (it took an extra week). The addition of my iPad in my gym kit might have something to do with it; turns out cardio is far less boring when I'm watching Made in Chelsea, Doctor Who or Have I Got News For You. Weightlifting is still my priority, I looked in the mirror a few weeks back and was horrified to see my ass looking flat. EH. Give me all the squats and prone leg curls immediately!! It's amazing the difference a week can make when it comes to matters of food and exercise, as soon as I got them both back on track I felt like a new woman.

Cardio is boring, yo. So boring. 

I've still got a couple of events from October to write about, like the Caro Emerald gig and MCM London -  especially as I went cosplayed up! Lots to catch up on in the coming weeks. I do have some lifestyle articles coming up which don't involve my geekdom, so don't run away too fast.

November is a quiet month for me (about bloody time, right?) in which I will be doing a lot of decluttering at home, getting down to do some work on one of my projects, I've got a couple of nights out with work colleagues in the diary, a trip to a museum and my mum is coming to visit, which is always a great thing. Sounds busy for a quiet month, doesn't it? I love being busy but it will be nice to have a month where I have some weekends to stay at home and do very little. It's been a busy year, I was saying to one of my friends that I don't feel like I've had much time off to relax aside from my perfect two weeks in Chicago.

Also, and this is a big one, I survived the whole of October (including the clocks moving back to GMT) without having a seasonal affective wibble, I really should have bought that Lumie clock a decade ago, it's changed my life.

Finally, tonight it's Halloween! Which means watching one of my favourite films on blu ray and eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Have a fun weekend, whatever you're doing.

Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS!
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
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