Incoming October

Wait, we're ten months in already? How did that happen?

Doctor Who Tenth David Tennant #youlooklikeroblloyd

For me, I feel like September never really got started, it's been a bit of a blurry month. I did a few nice things towards the end though when I picked myself up out of my post-Chicago sulk:

Love Life Lexi Cake Byron London

Love Life Lexi Holborn Oktoberfest Whippet Boden

Made a cake super pretty for a birthday surprise -  went to Byron for a fantastic chilli burger (they are the BEST, no contest) - had an afternoon in the British Museum - went to London Oktoberfest with a few of my work colleagues - treated myself to another pair of Boden lounge pants -  beer with friends at Holborn Whippet - collected more conkers - took myself on a Tuesday night date to NT Live's A Streetcar Named Desire because I'm a Gillian Anderson fangirl.

Love Life Lexi NT Live A Streetcar Named Desire

Love Life Lexi Alex Marshall
Post-work solo date selfie, ticket in hand

NT Live is a brilliant idea! Tickets for the actual performances of this play at the Young Vic were impossible to get, so this was the next best thing. It's a really accessible way to see some great theatre. You don't lose much of the atmosphere either. I'll happily go see more of these performances, it's the only way I won't resent paying £12.50 for a cinema ticket as I'm seeing good theatre for a low price. Gillian Anderson was completely engaging the role of Blanche and Ben Foster made Stanley someone far more accessible to a modern audience. I was an emotional wreck by the end of it, how they did that every night is beyond my skills base as a performer! 

But it's autumn. Officially autumn. Look at it:

Love Life Lexi Gunnersbury Park Autumn London

We've been blessed with a very long summer, or the start of a very mild autumn, as of yet I'm not wearing a jacket in the mornings as it's still lovely and warm. I think our 15 degrees morning grace period is about to come to an end in the next week, but for now it's been a treat. My garden still has raspberries in it - in October for the variety I have this is unheard of!

I can't escape the feeling that winter is coming (Game of Thrones, much?). This year I'm attacking my most dreaded season in various ways. I'm never sure if preparing helps (as it's very practical and sensible) or hinders (as it makes my brain scream winter arrrrgghhhhh!!) but I err on the side of safety; no one wants to hear 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail!' harped at them when they're sulking on a cold Sunday in January trying to eat their way out of a bad mood with left over Christmas cake.

I'm getting my exercise back on track. This has started slowly by doing some extra walking in the evenings and the odd weekend gym session. It's been really hard to get myself motivated as, if I'm honest, I'm really happy with how I look. I know this will wear off if I do sod all for the next 3 months whilst consuming all the carbs, so I need to always keep that in the back of my mind. It's not about improving, it's about maintaining. Maintaining my fabulousness. Yes.

I bought a sunrise simulator. This was an impulse purchase but it was on sale and I thought it was worth a go. I regard myself as a morning person - I wake up early even on days off, I have little trouble getting out of bed, I don't use snooze functions - but that all gets so much harder in winter when it's cold and dark outside. I figured this way I'll be woken up in a more natural way which might make for fewer winter sulks. I'll be able to give a fuller review next month of how I get on with this.

Love Life Lexi Lumie Body Clock Seasonal Affective Disorder

It does sunsets too, leading me on to ...

I've made bedtime a lovely ritual. Not that I have any trouble going to bed, no siree, not at all. I love bed, it's my favourite place in my house and the place where I spend most of my quiet time either in it sleeping, or on it reading, watching Netflix on my iPad or listening to music. On a night time  I can set my simulator for a sunset and read until it's dark. Lovely. I'm terrible for falling asleep with my light on, cuddling a book, so this should make me less of a book-hugger. Or at I'll be one in the dark at the very least. Again, more about this next month,

My specialist subject is History. I like to choose a subject to read about over winters, I spend more time inside during the cold months and this is my way of using time productively. A few years ago I realised my knowledge on some subjects was lacking (or forgotten, as school was sooooo many years ago) so I decided to get myself re-educated. So far I've done Biology, Physics (which made me do Maths too, ouch) and this winter I'm doing History. To say I live in a country with so much rich history, I am shit at it and I always was (I hated my history teacher, this is why I paid no attention to the subject at school, same goes for physics) but I am rectifying that with the help of some great books which I found in the British Museum gift shop (love me a museum gift shop!) which put everything into nice concise pieces for me to absorb.

Love Life Lexi Learning about monarchs
Singing the song from Horrible Histories yet?

I'm aware I'm behind on YouTube, but I'll hopefully have a video uploaded for next week and October is going to be a full-on social and nerdy month, I have so many brilliant plans! I am excited. Here's some clues about what's happening ...

Love Life Lexi Princess Leia Pop Vinyl
I'll be meeting a certain lady at LFCC winter

Love Life Lexi Alex Marshall Eleventh Doctor Who Cosplay
I'll be cosplaying as a certain Time Lord at MCM
I'm slowly having a renovation of my blog over the coming weeks, so don't be alarmed if you click on something one day and things look a bit different, I'm just having a little redesign, everything else will be just as it always is. Please bear with me while I make these changes - normal service will be going on around them.  
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