London Film & Comic Con Winter

After my first experience at London Film & Comic Con this summer, I couldn't resist a trip to the Winter event.

London Film and Comic Con Winter Ticket

As I said in my LFCC summer article, this event got a lot of unfair criticism, keen to support the event (and see what a winter event would be like), I went along with a few of my friends to geek out for the day. 

I bought an early bird ticket in advance this time  - and I can't recommend doing this enough to those wanting to attend, it just saves a lot of queuing - which was a great idea as at 9.15am we walked straight in with no queues at all. After a quick reccie of the arena, a look at the maps and timetables, we began our day. 

I started by getting an autograph from John Levine, a Classic Doctor Who actor, he was lovely and friendly: 

London Film & Comic Con John Levine

I got my virtual ticket for my autograph from Carrie Fisher, which would be later in the day and then headed over to the Doctor Who panel with Paul Hinkley, Peter Fernando, John Leeson, John Levine and Wendy Padbury.

London Film & Comic Con Winter Doctor Who Panel

I never tire of hearing Classic Who actors talk about their time on set with their Doctors. I've watched so much Classic Who this year with commentaries on that I'm starting to feel like I know some of these actors personally! Paul and Peter were new to conventions and new to Doctor Who, as they both appeared in the opening episode of series 8 (Deep Breath) but handled the panel excellently. Yes, even the awkward question about Jenna Coleman's rumoured exit. 

It was a much quieter event, which I assumed was due to the lack of Stan Lee and a lower number of guests overall, but that made for a lovely, relaxed time walking around all the vendors stalls. I felt far less hurried and cramped, which of course meant I spent more time looking, getting business cards from people and spending my money!

LFCC Winter Gallifrey University Tshirt

Queuing for Carrie took up the biggest chunk of my time, and even that was just over an hour. The nice thing about these events is that you engage with whoever is around you. Chances are if you're queing to meet Carrie Fisher, you will be surrounded by Star Wars fans, so within minutes I was having a great conversation with the two guys in the queue in front of me. I enjoyed their company so much that the hour seemed to fly by.

Then, of course, I met Carrie, who was lovely. She commented on my name 'Are you Alex? My daughter has a boys name too; Billie, I like boys names on girls' I told her I did too, until people get gender confusion when I only contact them by email. I felt Carrie has a very calm energy around her, so it was nice to spend a few minutes in her company - with Gary the dog sat patiently next to her. 

London Film & Comic Con Winter Carrie Fisher

After that, when I'd stopped grinning like a fool, we went to the Ralph Macchio panel.

London Film & Comic Con Winter Ralph Macchio

Ralph spoke about his role in The Outsiders, his cameo on How I Met Your Mother and of course, The Karate Kid.  

There was no queue to see John Leeson, so I popped over to see him for a chat and an autograph. Gotta love it when he brings out the K9 voice for you!

London Film & Comic Con Winter John Leeson

I told him that I'd just watched The Key to Time boxset, which he featured heavily in with Tom Baker and that his commentaries on the episodes with Tom made them even more entertaining. He thanked me for that and apologised at the same time. I love how humble all these guys are and how many amazing stories they have to tell about a show that I love. 

A little more spending? Oh go on then. That Stay Puft Pop Vinyl is hard to find, you know! 

London Film & Comic Con

We were all done by just after 3pm, so we went for some lunch and a well deserved drink around the corner. I must have looked at my Carrie autograph about six times in two hours. I'm still looking at it now, I can't believe I met Princess Leia! 

LFCC Winter Carrie Fisher

London Film and Comic Con Winter was fantastic. As it was my second convention I had more of a feel for the event and knew how the systems worked in regards to virtual tickets and queues. I think that made more of a difference to me even moreso than the lower numbers in attendance. As we left I said to my friends that the winter event feels like your reward for surviving the summer one, and I will definitely be going again. 

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  1. Hi, saw you on Twitter, so followed to your blog. Really like your posts about health and fitness - I've lost a lot in the last year, so your positive messages about not giving up are great. Thank you for putting this on the net so everyone can read.

    1. Hello, thank you so much for this comment! Great you found me on Twitter. :)