Seasonal Sales, Sunrises and Sunsets

There aren't many good things about the end of summer. Well, the wasps die and the leaves on the trees go a pretty colour ... and I'm out.

Autumn colours London

I joke, the sales begin, this is a very important time of year for those who are spending savvy. There has to be something to balance out the spider invasions, lack of daylight and endless Instagram snaps of Pumpkin Spiced lattes, right?

The end of any season is a good excuse for a retail sale and if you're clever, you've made a note of the things you've used lots over the summer and therefore know what to stock up on for next summer. It's a bit premature, but it saves a bit of money and I love a good bargain. 

My most used things this summer were my Crocs flipflops.

Crocs Flipflops

I have worn these things to death. I wore the flips more than I did the sandals (if you have no idea what I'm talking about you can read the post I wrote when I bought this footwear here) and so when I was in Covent Garden a couple of weeks ago I went into the shop to see if they had any in my size in the sale. 

Jackpot, baby!

Crocs Flipflops
From £29.99 to £20.99 

It's also been a great summer saying to people 'No really, they are Crocs, but they're pretty. Who knew, right?'. 

I've also had a lot of use out of my Ray Ban Wayfarers this summer. 

Rayban Wayfarers

This is my second pair of wayfarers and they were the new, lightweight design in tortoise shell. My old-school black ones are so much heavier compared to these so I never wear them (but I refuse to get rid of them, because I never know when I'll need to dress up as 1985 Madonna). While I was in Chicago this summer my sunglasses fell off my head (my own fault, I was trying to attract the attention of my upstairs neighbours cat who was sat at the window whilst I was outside waiting for a cab), they fell lenses-down on the floor. There's a tiny scratch, so small that I can still wear them, but I've realised that when you're as clumsy as I am you always need a back-up pair.

So I bought myself some Erikas.

Rayban Erikas
From £98.00 to £54.00. Serious bargain.

These are really nice retro style which I thought might make a nice change from wayfarers, I ordered tortoiseshell again as I've preferred this colour to black on me. These were almost 50% off, which was great value for money and hopefully I'll be less careless with these (or stop trying to attract people's cats). They're not as great in strong sunlight as my other pairs due to the lighter colour of the frame and lenses, but they'll be fine for hazy summer sunshine. 

I mentioned this last item briefly previously on an earlier post, but my Lumie Bodyclock is without a doubt my favourite investment purchase this season.

Lumie Bodyclock 30
In coldest day, in darkest night ... 

I've ummed and ahhed over one of these for years but when I saw one on sale last month I figured it was the right time to finally make the purchase. Within two weeks of constant use, I already wish I'd bought this a lot sooner. 

I use it in two stages; I give myself a sunset every night to fall asleep to and a sunrise to wake up to, both of which takes 30 minutes each way.

Lumie Bodyclock 30
source: Amazon

The sunset has to be one of the nicest ways to fall asleep (unless Charles Dance can make himself available to read to me a bedtime story every evening). I can read for a bit, message on my phone for a bit, but as soon as I notice the light dimming it's tech and books down, and I just lay there watching my sunset happen around me. It's a really soothing way to drift into sleep. 

Being cynical, I did wonder how much effect a fake sunrise would have on me, how light it would be, if it would annoy me more than a standard alarm (which is my twinkly noise on my iPhone, so it's hardly a big loud beep) but all these doubts were unfounded.

I'm quite good at waking up around my alarm time before the noise goes off but this happens less frequently when there's no light on the mornings (sunrise this week in London was between 7.20am and 7.30am, which is later than my alarm time). I'm finding that when the Lumie sunrise is 5-10 minutes in I'm waking up naturally. I check the time on my phone (the clock has a setting where you can switch the digital clock off, so it puts no extra light into your room unless required) and then just give myself 10-15 minutes in bed, adjusting to the sunrise and waking up gently for my day.  The end of the sunrise is bright. Normal daylight bright. Get out of bed now bright.

I got this a little cheaper than full price (it was about £10 off), but knowing what I do now, I'd have paid full price. If like me you're very affected by the lack of daylight on a morning in the winter, it's worth every penny. I'm waking up naturally, early and I'm feeling happy about it. In October. I never thought I'd see the day I'd be able to say that.

Don't miss out on end of season bargains, next summer you'll have more money to spend on drinks in the sunshine!

Pink Fizz London

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  1. what did you buy for your readers? lol ;)

    1. You get the joys of my words once a week, is that not gift enough???