Eleven's hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve's ...

Are we all on the 'I <3 Capaldi' bandwagon now?

You guys, it's December on Monday! 2014 is almost over. I cannot believe it. It's been such a fantastic year. I'll talk more about the year as whole at the end of next month, for now here's what happened in my November.

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My Modern Life Essentials

Recently I've been getting a lot of use out of apps on my iPad; mostly Skype and Face Time. When you have important people in your life scattered all over the country (the world, even) these things have become so useful and important, and I spent one evening last week genuinely wondering what I did before such amazing things came along and allowed me to communicate with those I love who are miles away from me. 

Then I started thinking about all the things I use which have become essentials in my modern life, which I use on a regular basis. It ranged from savings accounts to peanut butter cups, almost like a survival guide for my lifestyle. So here is a definitive guide to my modern life essentials.

Modern Life

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MCM London & Cosplay

An autumnal Sunday was my first time on the MCM convention circuit and my first outing in cosplay. Both at once? Yep. Go hard or go home. Classic Lexi.

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A Date with the Shocking Miss Emerald

Last summer I bought myself a birthday gift. A ticket to see Caro Emerald on the weekend before my birthday in March. A Friday night date for just me to celebrate turning 35, seeing one of my favourite artists perform in London. 

Caro proceeded to get pregnant and had to cancel her spring tour. DAMNIT! I received an email shortly after the announcement that the tour would be delayed until the autumn, and would I be able to make the new date. Of course I would, I could wait six more months. 

Therefore, I have now been holding onto this ticket for 15 months ... this was the day I finally got to use it.

Love Life Lexi London o2 Arena

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