MCM London & Cosplay

An autumnal Sunday was my first time on the MCM convention circuit and my first outing in cosplay. Both at once? Yep. Go hard or go home. Classic Lexi.

So far I've thrown together a few decent cosplay outfits but never worn one out to an event and the one thing I had promised myself this year was that I would cosplay at a convention. I don't know if it's the resting actress in me, or that I still  run around like a child, but I love dressing up. Always have, always will.

Let me be honest, I refuse to throw too much money at cosplay and I refuse to buy the 'official' stuff. To me, the fun of cosplay is in the creating. That can be actual creation with bits of fabric and hard work, or simply sourcing bits of clothing from all over the place to match together with an idea of an overall look.

Plus, I love seeing women dressed as what are traditionally male characters for cosplay. If I'm dressing as a male character, it's never going to be entirely accurate as I have hips and boobs, so I have to work with what I've got and try to create something fun and as authentic as I can muster. Luckily, I decided to go as the Eleventh Doctor, and this isn't too taxing, I could pull a few items from my wardrobe for the basics.

Okay, it's not *spot on* with details, and I'm not taking my 221B pin badge off my lapel (plus it's a nice nod to Matt Smith auditioning for Sherlock, even if it was as Watson) and yes, I had to buy the *official* sonic (I actually have two versions of this sonic, as one has the 'snap' opening and one stays closed), but everything else was a thrown together from what I had or bought in sales.

Onto the MCM con itself.

It's very different to the other big convention in London, very different. It's two of the big halls in Excel filled with everything  - stores, stages, signings, art, comics, food, games - it's all thrown into a big mash up. To me, this translates as really badly set up and organised. I went on Sunday, so there was not much queuing, we were in the doors and through the queue within about 15 minutes but it was very busy, very. I was incredibly pleased I wasn't able to go on the Saturday as I think I may have left within an hour of getting through the door. I've had many discussions with people this summer about convention venues in London (as LFCC is moving from Earl's Court to Olympia, which I think is a great idea and a great venue, for LFCC it will work perfectly) but I'm still not sold on Excel as a good venue for these things as it's still too oversubscribed. I accept a bigger venue will mean it can hold a bigger footfall, but Excel was still not big enough for the numbers coming through the doors. Even on the Sunday that I attended it was uncomfortable. But this just me, I'm relatively good with crowds, but this felt like a challenge for me.

MCM's primary focus is cosplay, and boy, the cosplay is gooooooood. There's a lot of manga (and therefore I have no idea what 70% of people are dressed as) but you still see some classics along the way.

For me, the cosplay virgin, it was pretty neat. You get used to people shouting 'Oh my god, Doctor Who!' at you and girls seemed to like coming up and asking for hugs. I wasn't being asked for photos, which was nice, as a first cosplay attempt is a little bit uncomfortable at first, but you settle in (especially in that environment) quite quickly.

It just felt like a very different atmosphere to LFCC. Not bad, just different. I definitely prefer LFCC and I'm pleased I went to that one first, as a newbie at MCM may have had the effect of putting me off.

By the way, can someone please explain to me what the alpaca thing is all about? They were EVERYWHERE. Is this a thing I'm not aware of? They're very cute but is that it?

I had a good day with my friends, and I LOVED cosplaying (more of that at my next con, for sure!) but sadly to me MCM is the weaker event in London. If you're purely in if for dressing up and a little shopping, it's fine, and that's probably what I will use it for,

(Shameless plug time - here's my friend's YouTube channel, Rob Lloyd: The Con Artist. It's a nice look into the work and people behind the convention scene Australia.)
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