Eleven's hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve's ...

Are we all on the 'I <3 Capaldi' bandwagon now?

You guys, it's December on Monday! 2014 is almost over. I cannot believe it. It's been such a fantastic year. I'll talk more about the year as whole at the end of next month, for now here's what happened in my November.

The month started with an unexpectedly expensive trip to the dentist. During my routine clean and check-up my dentist noticed a dark shadow on one of my wisdom teeth, so be safe he decided to fill it. I haven't had a filling for about a decade and my gosh, those things are expensive! My dental bill more than doubled that day, not the best thing to happen when you've just been paid for the month but at least I could afford it that way.

Also in the last month: 

I spent a lot of my free evenings trying to sort out my living room so that I could get myself a desk set up to work from (more on this in a couple of weeks):

Doctor Who series 8 finished and we all finally fell in love with Peter Capaldi, I also started watching Gotham and The Flash (I am soooo emotionally invested in Barry already - and only 4 episodes in!):

I bought myself a Tassimo coffee machine for my kitchen and it's awesome! Best Americano outside of a Costa and I don't even need to leave my house. What's even better is that as a member of the Costa Coffee Club I got this machine reduced from £120 to £40 and with my first coffee order I got free fancy coffee glasses. I stocked up on decaf espressos and while my machine is making me one of those, I heat half a cup of almond milk in the microwave then add it to the coffee. Almond milk lattes done are my new favourite drinks.

I discovered I can toast marshmallows over my kitchen hob. This is totally my new thing for winter snacks

My mum came to visit and took me shopping for my Christmas present - a pair of Dr. Marten's boots. I haven't owned a pair of these since I was a teenager and now the designs on them are so pretty! The print on these is called Belladonna, and I have been given permission by mum to wear them early, so I am - today in fact!

I ran out of podcasts to listen to (perils of walking commutes) but I discovered Audible and spent my first month's free credit on Ben Goldacre's latest book (you'll know this if you read my Facebook post about Ben's work and a link to his TED Talk)

I went on a couple of nights out with work colleagues; to Bounce in Holborn, which is a table tennis bar: 

and to the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society in Farringdon: 

And last week I went to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Museum of London, which I will tell you all about in next weeks post, stay tuned!

Museum of London Sherlock Holmes

I managed to lose most of the excess weight I gained when I came back from my holiday, I started doing a little more cardio in the gym and despite the weathers best efforts, I am still doing my lunchtime walks on working days. Still no Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms have appeared, I'm having no problems getting out of bed on cold, wet, winter mornings, so my Lumie clock is officially the best money I have ever spent. I got my lightbox out of storage and put it on my desk, but so far I've only turned it on a couple of times. I'm almost feeling hopeful for January (which is always my worst month of the year for SAD stuff) as my faux-sunrises are tricking my brain chemistry successfully to survive this winter without bursting into tears at random points. 

Today, as it's the last weekend in November, I'm heading North to spend the weekend celebrating my best friend's birthday. This is always such a good weekend so I'm really looking forward to it, I've even got a new dress all ready for Saturday night out. It's from Topshop; I'm still partying with the youngsters and dressing like one. 

Of course, now I'll start thinking about Christmas. I've got over 11 days off for the Christmas period this year, which I'm really excited about. I'm hoping to have lots of sleep, a trip to the theatre, a few days in the gym and lots of walks around London. I'll be doing my traditional post-Christmas day in Kensington, browsing in the sales and going to Whole Foods, which is my usually my favourite day of the holiday!

One last thing, I finally got around to putting my new bed linen on my bed. Yes, it's the TARDIS. Still no sign of me behaving like a responsible adult as of yet. Hurrah!

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